The 6 best beaches and coves in Calblanque

If we had to define Calblanque, it would be described as an unexpected natural oasis just a step away from La Manga del Mar Menor. It seems incredible that just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of its hotels and housing estates there is a stretch of coastline of such beauty in which the beaches and coves have managed to preserve an almost virgin state.

Access to the Calblanque beaches

The Calblanque nature park, protected with the distinctive regional park status, is a refuge for native fauna, even the loggerhead turtle, that after 100 years, has returned to lay its eggs on these beaches, a paradise for Mediterranean flora and a place of worship for surfers and hikers who flock to this stretch of the Costa Calida attracted by a still virtually undiscovered landscape. 

6. Negrete Beach

Why is this special? The golden sand contrasts with the intense blue of the sea and the olive green of the vegetation that surrounds this completely virgin beach located in the heart of the Calblanque Nature Park. Negrete Beach is perfect for those looking for a remote place to isolate themselves and be able to bathe almost alone, or simply lie down to sunbathe on its fine tan coloured sand. so characteristic of the area.

This fantastic sandy area stretches just over 600 meters between large rocky outcrops that seek to submerge in the warm waters of Murcia's sea. If you don't mind walking a bit, this intimate and quiet beach will win you over. 

Negrete Beach in Calblanque

5. Cala Dorada

If it comes to finding the best golden sand, this is the beach. Its name does not disappoint. It is small, clean and looks like a picture postcard: this is a paradisiacal corner that welcomes everyone who accesses the natural park from the north from Cala Reona.

On the beach is the Punta Negra viewpoint which offers one of the best panoramic views of the area and from there a short, although unstable, path will take you to the beach in just a couple of minutes. It is a very quiet naturist cove where you can connect with nature at its best. 

Landscape of Cala Dorada (Golden cove)

4. Cola de Caballo beach (Portman)

Portman Bay is located at the southern end of the Calblanque Regional Park and its beaches present a completely different aspect from the rest. Here the protagonist is a black as coal sand, but very fine and pleasant to the touch, which extends along small coves in a virgin environment surrounded by cliffs more than 150 meters high.

This stretch of coast is characterized by being an important passage for cetaceans such as dolphins, sperm whales and even fin whales that can reach 22 meters of wingspan. One of the most special moments to enjoy the area is at sunset, when the sun sets on the horizon, enhancing the intense navy blue of the waters. 

Portman Beach at dusk

3. Parreño Beach

The Cartagena City Council, in whose municipal area the Calblanque Natural Park is located, does not prohibit nudism on any of the beaches and coves of the municipality, although in practice it is only done in very specific places, such as Parreño beach. It is a small cove of golden sand sheltered between cliffs with next to no crowds, because it is the furthest from the different parking places and bus stops, but perhaps one of the most beautiful.

It is a picture postcard virgin beach that even has some sand dunes surrounded by the wild vegetation characteristic of the coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean scrubland.

Playa Parreño, a naturist beach in Cablanque

2. Cala Arturo

Here we have one of the most open beaches in Calblanque, which is accessed through a wooden walkway. It is common to find surfers of all types, especially those who use kites to propel themselves over the waves in kitesurfing.

On this beach the sand gives way to rocky areas, so it is a good place for those who prefer the comfort of the stones in front of the sand, without giving up spectacular views, how could it be otherwise in the Nature Park Calblanque.

Playa Parreño, a naturist beach in Cablanque

1. Playa Larga

It is perhaps the most popular of all the Calblanque beaches and also the most extensive. This golden sandy area is perfect for taking long walks and enjoying the breeze and a virgin landscape without any construction in sight. Or almost none, because behind the dunes that limit the beach there is a small refuge known as “de los bathers” that was built on an old fisherman's hut and where you can take a break from the sun.

In addition, this is the only beach in Calblanque that has a lifeguard service during the summer season, making it ideal to go with the family and enjoy a day of fun by the sea practicing sports such as hiking, snorkelling or surfing.

Surfers in Playa Larga de Calblanque

How to access the beaches of Calblanque

Access to the Regional Park is protected and limited for private vehicles. However, it has a lot of free parking where you can park and walk to the beaches and coves of Calblanque.

In the summer months, which are when the place receives the most visits, there is a bus that connects the parking areas and the beaches throughout the day. In this way, it avoids the impact on the natural setting since the roads are dirt and are not paved. 

Shore of the regional park beach

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