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Things to do in Villajoyosa
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Things to do in Villajoyosa

Beaches of Villajoyosa

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Swim in the beaches of Villajoyosa
For nature lovers

Cala Fonda

This is a small bay located to the north of Villajoyosa notable for its cliffs. It is mostly rocky and consequently uncrowded.

Access is difficult but worth the effort to enjoy the lovely scenery and exuberant vegetation, perfect to explore the spectacular views or practice naturism as it is isolated from other beaches.

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Pines emerging from the sea

Racó Conill

Surrounded by a virgin forest, turquoise waters and incredible views, Racó Conill is a secluded, intimate 160 metre-long beach recognised as one of Villajoyosa's naturist beaches.

Access is by a road in good condition that starts from the old Villajoyosa Casino and leads to a small parking lot. From there, well-constructed walkways will take you to the beach.

Beaches of Villajoyosa
Eucalyptus trees and crystalline waters

Playa el torres

El Torres beach is a 560 metre-long rustic beach consisting mainly of gravel that is not usually crowded. Its surroundings, near the El Torres camping ground, are semi-urban. It has a snack bar and a small parking area.

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For many people it is their best secret

Playa del Tío Roig

This beach, which forms the coast north of the town of La Vila next to the Los Estudiantes beach, is 160 metres long.

It is not usually crowded. It is a secluded beach with a boardwalk and is accessible by car or on foot, but is composed of stones and boulders so caution is advised.

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For those of us who like stone coves

Playa de los Estudiantes

Los Estudiantes beach (also known as Playa Varadero as it was formerly the beaching area for boats) is near the fishing port and is composed of alternating gravel and boulders.

Its main feature is that it is located in a semi-urban area and is easily accessible on foot. It is 140 metres long and provides services such as a snack bar, toilets and rubbish bins in a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. there is also a short path to the harbour and nearby parking area.

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The typical beach

Playa del Centro

This is Villajoyosa's most extensive beach. A blue-flag beach of fine golden sand, it is 1,830 metres in length.

It is provided with all the facilities one would expect in a first-class beach such as foot washing stations, snack bar, pedal-boat rentals, children's playgrounds and facilities for sports such as beach volleyball (nets) and beach football (goals).

There are also several points of interest in the surrounding area such as the marina, a palm-lined promenade next to the beach, bars, cafés and restaurants and various car parks.

In the high summer season there are also Accessible Beach facilities for people with disabilities at the end known as Basseta de L’Oli, nearest the port.

It is the ideal place to spend the day with the family and the mild climate means that it can be enjoyed all year round.

Beaches of Villajoyosa
Take a break a few steps from the city

Cala Mallaeta

Located between Playa del Centro and Playa del Paraíso and surrounded by spectacular cliffs, this bay is some distance from the town and is only accessible on foot. It is peaceful, uncrowded and mainly composed of rocks and boulders.

Because of its location and the nature of the surroundings it is considered a natural beach and has no services.

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It shows off its name

Playa del Paraíso

The aptly named 1 km-long Playa del Paraíso is a natural area composed of sand and stone.

In summer it is relatively quiet, with only moderate numbers of users. It is located in a semi-urban environment with the presence of numerous palms. Its isolated location makes it perfect for a quiet swim.

Its main services include a snack bar, free parking in the surrounding area, sun-bed and parasol rental, foot washing stations, lifeguards and a pedestrian and cycle path.

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Bohemian spirit from sunrise to sunset

Playa del Bol Nou

Bol Nou beach is in an unspoilt cove of great charm and crystal clear waters located in a small bay between two rocky outcrops.

The sea is calm and sheltered most of the year and the gravel and sand beach stretches 237 metres at the head of the bay.

It is located to the south of the town near the Montíboli housing estate. There is no promenade but the surrounding area offers numerous on-street parking places.

It is a blue-flag beach with foot washing stations, lifeguard service and snack bar.

Beaches of Villajoyosa
A corner to get lost

Playa del Esparrelló

Tucked between the cliffs bordering one of the most famous luxury hotels in the area, the Esparrelló beach is a discrete cove accessed along a path located near a housing estate. Its air of exclusivity makes it one of the most highly considered naturist beaches of the entire Costa Blanca.

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The light of the Mediterranean

Playa de la Caleta

La Caleta is a small beach (139 metres long) located near a well-known hotel and can be accessed along a short path located behind the building.

It is composed of boulders, so appropriate footwear is recommended.

The surrounding low cliffs provide shady areas in the early afternoon and invite the visitor to enjoy a relaxing swim in the deep blue waters.

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Scene of pirate and privateer battles

Playa del Xarco

This small cove with difficult access is one of the treasures of Villajoyosa. Located in a natural setting it is dominated by seventeenth-century defensive tower called Torre del Xarco and exudes a special magic thanks to its location.

It is 216 metres long, uncrowded and especially peaceful.

Beaches of Villajoyosa

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