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Experience the magic of The Night of the Candles in Mojácar

The beautiful town of Mojácar, with its white houses, its cobblestone streets and its picturesque flower window boxes, is ready to receive once again this magical night. A night in which mojaqueros, tourists and locals come together to enjoy a special evening, coinciding with the Tears of San Lorenzo.

Shooting stars (perseid meteor), reviving old traditions on this enchanted evening in Mojácar.

On The night of the candles, the narrow streets are only lit by candles, lanterns and torches. You can also enjoy activities and live performances on this magical night.


The Night of the Candles

Mojácar illuminated old town

For 7 years and coinciding with the perseids, the towns city council, together with Association of Merchants and locals from the old town organise this magical night. A night that is already a reference in the mojaquero summer calendar.

On the 26th of July, from 20:30h in Mojacar we can step back in time and explore the magical streets in the seductiveness of the darkness lit up only by candles. A night full of charm, not to be forgotten.

A night with more than 6.000 candles, lanterns and torches spread out around the old town, visitors are dressed in White, to celebrate this bewitching evening whilst wandering around the whitewashed streets, outdoor concerts and activities offering all styles of music (from reggae, pop or flamenco fusion, piano players), singing, dancing, parades, jugglers, and much more…

Mojacar on the night of the shooting stars

Wander round its winding streets on the most romantic night of the year and enjoy the views that can be seen via the telescopes that will be placed in the Mirador del Castillo, gaze at the moon and the shooting stars. Follow the path along the viewpoints and you will be overwhelmed by the immense beauty. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable night.


Hotels in Mojácar

Hotel Marina Mar Mojácar

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in and enjoy the Night of the Candles in Mojácar, do not forget to make a booking at the Servigroup Marina Mar Hotel or in the Servigroup Marina Playa Hotel.

Come and join us, have fun during the day with the programmed activities, sunbathe, and relax on the beautiful beaches of Mojácar or practice the various sports offered by our hotels, such as golf, paddle tennis, bowls…...

Likewise, you can relax in our wellness centre, enjoy the Turkish bath, jacuzzi, and the sauna, or pamper yourself with one of the many beauty treatments on offer.

Hotel Marina Playa Mojácar

In the afternoon you can enjoy the gentle sea breeze in our Chiringuito Cala Marina, located right on the beach in front of the Hotel Marina Playa, while enjoying a refreshing drink.

After a relaxing day at the Hotel, you will be ready to enjoy a special night in Mojácar. Right in front of our Hotel Marina Playa, you can take a local bus into the village (they pass by every 10 mins)

You can choose between dining at our tasty buffets with show cooking or enjoying the charm of a dinner in the village. A truly romantic night.

Please note that on the Night of the Candles, restaurants do not take reservations.

Once in the village, you can enjoy the enchantment of Mojácar on this magical night.

And you must not forget, if you are celebrating The Night of the Candles, and you see a shooting star… Make a wish…

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