Discover the benefits of our saltwater pools

When we begin to imagine the perfect holiday, being able to enjoy a comforting swim in the pool is something that is a main feature of the dream. In the morning, in the afternoon or when you return from the beach ... it is always a pleasure to cool off or have a fun time while soaking in the water and, without a doubt, something to take into account when selecting the best hotel for your getaway.

Whichever you choose, at Servigroup Hotels you can enjoy spectacular swimming pools in which the optimum quality of their waters is guaranteed thanks to the saline electrolysis process to which they are subjected to. With Servigroup, forget about chlorine and discover the benefits of saltwater pools.

This method for the treatment of swimming pools, also known as saline chlorination is unknown to many, but it is an alternative to traditional chlorine that is much more sustainable with the environment and beneficial for swimming pool users.

Below, you can find all the advantages of saline pools. They will surprise you!

Pool on the cliff of the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli

What is the salt chlorination of swimming pools?

It is a method for the care of swimming pools by which the salts present in the water are transformed into pure chlorine, much safer than chemical chlorine, through an electrolytic process. Fresh water does not concentrate the necessary level of salts to cause this reaction, so it is facilitated by adding common salt to the pool water.

This salt, a completely natural substance, is what reacts when it passes through the electrolytic cell, generating the necessary disinfectant effect to keep swimming pool water clean and transparent. What are its benefits?

Swimming pool with the blue sky

Advantages of a saline pool

Next, we explain the reasons why Servigroup Hotels have opted for pools of this type, because our priority is your satisfaction.

Maximum disinfecting power

The saline electrolysis of swimming pools exerts a purer disinfectant power than that of chemical chlorine since it does not contain derivatives or preservatives, dissolving in the water in a uniform and homogeneous way, so that the disinfection of the water body is much more effective.

In addition, this process is also effective when it comes to eliminating other polluting elements such as body lotions or sun creams, which traditional chlorine cannot eliminate.

Salt chlorination is a process that remains active without interruption, which causes the constant disinfection of the hotel pool. A quality especially valued today for its ability to make swimming pools of this type safer by preventing the transmission of viruses.

Swimming pool with bathers

Healthier for people

For Servigroup Hotels it is a priority that all the elements with which the water in our swimming pools is treated, both for disinfection and clarity of the water, are completely healthy for our guests.

 It is at this point where saline chlorination comes into play again, since it acts as an isotonic solution that is not only not harmful, but also provides multiple benefits for the body.

Salt water contributes to skin hydration and prevents hair from drying out. In addition to being odourless, it is also harmless to the eyes, thus avoiding any type of irritation and redness. Something highly valued by children, who dive with their eyes open without any problem.

A family enjoying the pool

Environmentally friendly

Salt chlorination is carried out with the stimulation of a natural process, where chlorine is generated and transformed by a chemical reaction when electricity is applied to the salt.

For this reason, when a saline electrolysis treatment is used in a swimming pool, the use of chemical substances, preservatives and stabilizers are avoided. This minimizes pollution and also avoids the emission of CO2 related to the manufacture and handling of chemical products and the use of plastics in their transport and storage. 

Swimming pool on the seafront

Safety is a priority

In addition to making swimming pools a safe environment, thanks to the nature of the saline chlorination process and by not needing any chemical product, any type of manipulation of harmful substances is eliminated, avoiding safety problems both due to contact and emission. of gases that is produced in the traditional premises of the treatment plants, achieving a leisure and work environment free of danger for everyone.

Large swimming pool surrounded by umbrellas

At Servigroup Hotels we always seek to offer you the highest quality in our services and facilities. For this reason, the saline chlorination of swimming pools is a firm commitment of the chain in order to achieve the excellence we desire in everything related to your vacations. Do not hesitate this summer immerse yourself in our salt water pools, the best in the Mediterranean!

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