The Pulpí Geode: the most surprising sight to visit in Almería

Recently, the Almeria coast has had a new tourist gem that is causing a sensation due to its truly unique character. Since its opening to the public, everyone who visits it is captivated by its beauty and it seems incredible that the earth has hidden for so many centuries this crystal marvel that, although it looks like real goldsmiths, it is a perfect work of nature.

Visitor at the Pulpi Geode

Do you want to discover it? Mojácar is one of the most complete destinations in the Mediterranean for a perfect vacation. Good weather, impressive and varied beaches for all tastes, mountain settings, charming towns and places as special as the Pulpí Geode just a few minutes away. Go ahead and be among the first to discover one of the best kept secrets of the natural heritage of our country.

What is the Pulpí Geode?

Geodes are formations that arise in rocky cavities whose walls, over the centuries, have been covered with crystallized minerals projected inwards. For most of us, who are not experts in geology, this may sound strange and even bland, but the Pulpí Geode is the greatest exponent of this type of formations in all of Europe, so your interest would be more than justified.

In December 1999, a committee of experts from the Madrid Mineralogist Group discovered the Pulpí Geode in an old abandoned mine, the Mina Rica, in the heart of the Sierra del Aguilón. After centuries hidden underground, this impressive cave upholstered by countless plaster crystals that can reach two meters in length finally came to light. Its brightness and transparency, the perfection of its morphology and the optimal state of conservation in which it is found make the Pulpí Geode a true landmark of nature and one of the best geodes in Spain in terms of its conservation and characteristics.

With 20 years of studies after its discovery, the Pulpí Geode is now open to the public so that we can enjoy the cave of giant crystals with the accompaniment of a specialized guide.

Interior of the Pulpi Geode

How was the Pulpí Geode formed?

To understand the origin of the Pulpí Geode, we must look at the two phases. In the first place, the hole was formed in the rock due to the karstification of the rocks that make up the Sierra del Aguilón, accompanied by leaks of very hot water of volcanic origin. And secondly, there was the mineral deposit that would later become the crystals.

These crystals are nothing more than calcium sulphate, that is, gypsum. A very common material that, subjected to conditions as specific as those described above, could acquire such a sensational appearance over time.

Research work in the Pulpi Geode

The secrets of the Mina Rica (Rich Mine) of Pulpí

In addition to the Giant Geode, which extends over 8 m in length and 2 m in height, the Mina Rica (Rich Mine) is home to many other smaller geodes such as the Split Geode or the Swallowtail Geode.

Along with the gypsum crystals, during the visit, you can also see other interesting geological elements such as folds, mylonites, fault surfaces or those known as “gypsum barbs”. All this forms a unique underground landscape once frequented by miners and that today delights the most curious visitors.

Visitors visit the Pulpí Geode

Book your visit to the Pulpí Geode and buy your tickets

The visit to the Pulpí Geode consists of a guided tour through the main galleries of the Mina Rica (Rich Mine), where a specialized guide will show visitors the most interesting details about the geology, minerals and history of the Pulpí Geode.

Tickets must be purchased in advance to avoid running out of space on the day you choose to carry out this fascinating visit. You can easily do this, by following the link to the official page of the Pulpí Geode.

The visits can be carried out in Spanish or English, although there are audio guides available to visitors in various languages such as English, French, Flemish and German.

The price of the visit is 22 euros, although there are reduced rates for different category groups.

Visitors going down the stairs of the Geoda de Pulpi

How to get to the Pulpí Geode

The Geode is located in the municipality of Pulpí, on the north coast of the province of Almeria, just 30 kilometres from the hotels Marina Playa and Marina Mar in Mojácar.

The best way to get to the Pulpí Geode is by car. To do this, you must take the AL-5107 road north to Garrucha for about 10 minutes. There you have to change to the A-370 which after a few kilometres becomes the AL-7107 until you reach Pozo del Esparto. Finally, you have to take the A-332 to Pulpí. La Geoda is located on Calle Sierra de los Filabres.

All that remains is to discover it in person! Make the most of your holidays in Mojácar and enjoy, during your stay, a day of underground adventures in the Pulpí Geode.

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