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The Caves of Sorbas, an adventure

Undoubtedly, the province of Almeria, increasingly constitutes one of the most attractive and visited tourist destinations in our country. A part of the beautiful land of Andalusia in which some of the best Spanish beaches are found, and where we also have two establishments.

A town marked by evident contrasts, in which history, sun and sport coexist during 365 days of the year.

Therefore, if you plan to stay at either our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa during the coming months, or at our Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar from next spring, we recommend some of the best leisure offers, so that you and yours spend a holiday or weekend getaways in a big way.

This time we are going to talk about the emblematic Caves de Sorbas in Almería. A place full of beauty and history, and in which you will have much to see and enjoy.


The Caves of Sorbas: A protected landscape

The Caves of Sorbas are located in the nature park of Karst in Yesos de Sorbas. It consists of an area specially protected by the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Environment. For this reason, special authorization is essential to carry out any type of activity that may take place in the area. In addition, it is the largest underground system in Spain.

An ideal place if you are a lover of caving, and always perfect to include it in weekend excursions, it is also ideal for all those who are just starting in this exciting activity. In fact, the different routes of the Caves of Sorbas, are adapted for all type of hikers.


Caves of Sorbas: Routes

Caves of sorbas

The routes through which you can pass take you by the most emblematic and represented caves of the Karst, these tours are always headed by professional federated monitors that will guide you along the route you choose.

The basic route of the Caves of Sorbas is one of the most used for those beginners of speleology, or for visitors who wish to see them for the first time.

It consists of a very simple journey in which the difficulty is minimal. That is why this basic route is frequently chosen by families with children and by people of somewhat advanced age.

The road is very simple, although on some occasion it will be necessary to bend or crawl for a few meters. It is usually carried out in less than two hours. Even so, you can enjoy the greatest natural works of art that these caves offer.

If you decide to visit the caves of Sorbas in a combined route, you will be facing an itinerary of moderate difficulty. You will visit the galleries of the caves enjoying the uniqueness of the stalactites and stalagmites in their maximum splendor, as well as some plaster crystals that will captivate you for their sublime lighting.

Perhaps the hardest part of this route is the need to climb in some sections, plus you will have to crawl during slightly longer journeys than in the basic option. This route is normally done in about three hours.

The technical route of the Caves of Sorbas is something quite complex and much harder. It is recommended more for people who are fit and who are used to sports.
It takes place in the well-known Cueva del Tesoro and has some really amazing crystals worthy of seeing.
If you are a born speleologist, this is the route for you, for this route you need roughly four hours.

Speleology in the Caves of Sorbas

If you are a student and want to know the caves of Sorbas in greater depth, we recommend the educational route. This itinerary is very popular among university students from all over Spain, and also among foreign tourists who are temporarily carrying out their studies in our country.

Of course, if you opt for this option, do not make any more plans for that day because it can take you almost all of the daylight hours. In fact, it usually starts at noon. You will travel through the inside and outside of the caves, where the spectacular sinkholes of dissolution stand out (they are the consequence of the slow loss of soil material, dissolved by the rainwater that becomes flooded and then infiltrated through creating beautiful lakes), its mounds on the ground and its precious ledges in which you can imagine all kinds of figures and artistic representations. The most striking thing about the Caves of Sorbas educational route, is that its unusual crystals which allow you to reflect on them in the manner of an authentic mirror.


Caves of Sorbas: How to get there

Map Sorbas

If you are staying at any of our hotels in Mojácar, you will have to leave the Marina de la Torre urbanization to join the Costa Levante avenue. Then, turning along Avenida del Mar, you will reach the AL-5105 road. We recommend that during this stretch you moderate your speed, since the limit is 40 Km / hour.

In two kilometres you will reach the town of Garrucha, you will then have to cross through and join the Turre highway, taking exit 3 of the AL-5105.

Continue and in a few kilometres, where you will reach A-370, here you can accelerate to 80 and 90 km / hour, depending on the different sections.Within in a few minutes, you can join the A-7 / E-15 highway, where you will stay until you find the exit to Sorbas and Tabernas.

Shortly you will arrive at a roundabout where you will take the exit to the N-340 road, which will take you directly to Sorbas. Immediately you will see the indications to the caves, bypassing Jaén street and Córdoba street, until reaching the Karst nature park in Yesos de Sorbas.

We hope that this publication has been of interest to you, and that you enjoy a productive and fun excursion to these wonderful Caves of Sorbas in Almería.

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