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Mediterranean Beach
Landscape of Cala Dorada (Golden cove)

The 6 best beaches and coves in Calblanque

A natural paradise just a step away from La Manga? You may not know it yet, but we have found the ideal destination for your next getaway. Virgin beaches surrounded by cliffs and viewpoints, crystal clear waters, golden sand and a lot of peace. Discover with us the Calblanque Natural Park and enjoy its best beaches and coves.

The Racó del Conill cove surrounded by virgin nature

The 6 best beaches and coves in Alicante that you may not yet know

Summer is synonymous with holidays by the sea. Are you going to settle for the usual? We offer you a list of the best coves and beaches in the province of Alicante.

The Costa Blanca offers you endless options when it comes to enjoying the sea. We all have our favourite corner and here you can get to know some of the most fascinating places in the area, so you can experience a different kind of summer.

Servigroup Galúa Hotel and the sea

The 7 best beaches near La Manga for this summer

La Manga is well known for having spectacular beaches and small coves close to the town as well as along the whole coastline of Cartagena.

In this publication, we would like to recommend 7 beaches, which are well worth a visit if you are going to be staying at our Hotel Servigroup Galúa.

Hotel Servigroup Koral Beach

Discover the beaches and coves of Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar has become the newest Servigroup destination. We would like to detail its beaches and coves to help you enjoy and make the most of your stay.

The beaches, Morro de Gos, La Concha, La Renegà... all of them high quality beaches to enjoy a dream vacation.

Bordenares cove

Visit the best beaches and coves of Mojácar

Mojácar is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination. And frequented by people from all over the world. With its unspoilt sandy beaches and wide choice of hotels, places of interest to visit.

Around this wonderful destination of Almeria are beautiful beaches, such as playa Mecenas, Playa del sombrerico and Peñón cave.

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The Explanada in Alicante

What to see in Alicante: the definitive guide to a surprising city

Alicante boasts of being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Mediterranean, whose character has been forged over time thanks to the many civilizations that have settled in its territory and that have left their mark on the history and heritage of the city.

If we add to that the open and maritime character of its people, we find ourselves in front of a vibrant, modern and full of life capital ideal to enjoy a summer afternoon of fun and culture. Will you sign up? 

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