The 5 best beaches and coves in Cabo de Gata

The Cabo de Gata Nature Park is one of those essential coastal paradises that you really should not miss, at least once in your lifetime. It is located in the province of Almería, very close to desirable destinations, such as the beautiful white town of Mojacar.

Its desert landscape remains virgin and unaltered, linking endless kilometres of beaches and cliffs where there is no trace of any human action. Without a doubt, it is a unique place in Spain and throughout the European continent. You'll want to dive into this wild beach paradise right away!

The main attraction of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park is its virgin, wild and extraordinary beaches and coves, which for many are among the best in the world.

Next, we are going to show you the beaches and coves that you should not miss on your next visit. A selection of the best beaches in Cabo de Gata that will leave you speechless. Let's get started!

Cabo de Gata Beaches

5. Playa de los Genoveses (Genoveses Beach)

Playa de los Genoveses is the widest in Cabo de Gata. Its magnificent fine-grained sand stretches for just over a kilometre around a small bay with soft dunes dotted with the classic, almost desert-like vegetation of the Nature Park.

Although Playa de los Genoveses is very close to the town centre of San José, the hill that separates it from the municipality manages to hide it, giving it a wild and remote aspect, since any construction is out of sight from the beach. A perfect place to disconnect! To get there you can opt for a walk of less than a kilometre, the local bus or make use of the parking located next to the beach.

Most of the time it is a perfect beach to enjoy a family swim due to its calm and shallow waters; but when the Levante wind blows it becomes the ideal setting for windsurfing or kitesurfing, becoming the meeting point for athletes from all over the province.

Playa de los Genoveses

4. Playa del Mónsul (Monsul Beach)

Playa del Monsul is probably the most famous, if not the best, of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park. The scene of countless film shoots, this beautiful beach of fine white sand boasts an unmistakable personality thanks to the enormous rock that splits it in two, known as Peineta del Mónsul.

The sandy area extends for 400 meters between smooth cliffs of volcanic origin, flanked to the north by a large dune, where from its top you can enjoy unbeatable views of the unspoiled landscape of Cabo de Gata. The entrance to the water is very progressive, giving rise to an extensive surface where it is barely covered, which is perfect to enjoy the transparent and crystalline sea of this area. A pleasure for the whole family!

Access to Playa del Mónsul is easy. During most of the year, it can be accessed from the town of San José by a forest track of about 4 kilometres to a parking lot located less than 200 meters from the beach. In summer, there is a bus that, for a symbolic price, takes you to the beach from the free parking lots located in the town.

Playa del Mónsul

3. Cala de En medio (Middle Beach)

The area of Cala de Enmedio and its surroundings will attract your attention from the first moment due to the radiant white of its rocks shaped by the erosion of the sea and the breezes, giving rise to capricious formations that shelter the cove, composing of small corners ideal for bathing almost alone. This cove is still a secret!

It is a small beach of fine golden sand no more than 150 meters long surrounded by old fossilized dunes whose nooks and crannies have formed natural pools ideal for swimming. Perhaps it is the most different beach in the entire Nature Park.

To access it, it is only possible to do so on foot. There are two paths of just over a kilometre and a half that can be easily reached in less than 20 minutes. One of them starts from Cala del Plomo and the other from Agua Amarga, having parking spaces in both places to park your vehicle.

Cala de En medio

2. Cala de San Pedro

If there is an isolated beach in Cabo de Gata that is worth conquering, that is Cala de San Pedro. Just over 2 kilometres of winding road separate this beach from a parking lot in the middle of the area's desert landscape, but the reward in the form of almost tropical turquoise waters makes the effort worthwhile.

Guarded by an old castle from the 16th century, almost in ruins, the cove is currently inhabited by a hippie community that in the summer months even act as hosts for tourists with a small bar and craft stalls that serve to boost their livelihood. A real trip back in time!

The cove has an approximate length of 250 meters of white sand surrounded by palm trees and vegetation that distinguish it from the rest of the beaches in Cabo de Gata. If you are a person with a thirst for adventure, do not hesitate to visit it. ¡Quite an experience!

1.   Playa de los Muertos

In any list of the best beaches in Spain, Playa de los Muertos is never missing. As it should be! This spectacular sandy area located at the northern end of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park is always worth a visit, as it boasts the most crystalline waters in the area. A real prize!

Halfway between Carboneras and Agua Amarga, and on the road that goes from Mojácar to Cabo de Gata, Playa de los Muertos has a very large car park from which you can go down to the Beach, saving you the more or less steep slope depending on the access you choose.

It is a kilometre long beach made up of sand of different thicknesses combined with gravel banks. Of course, it is not the best beach to go with children, because it quickly covers and access to the sea can be difficult. No one said that reaching paradise was an easy task!

Playa de los Muertos

Have you heard of the Marina Playa and Marina Mar hotels? Located in the best area of Mojacar in front of the Marina de la Torre beach, very close to the Cabo de Gata Nature Park, both four-star establishments are the perfect excuse to enjoy this little piece of the Almería coast with all the comforts. If you are still looking for the destination for your next vacation, don't hesitate. You have already found it!

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