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Hotel Servigroup Orange

Servigroup Orange Hotel entertainment

The animation of the Orange Hotel is characterized by being a hotel especially recommended for adults in the Levante area of Benidorm.

Benidorm is known for its great variety of tourists and the endless leisure options it offers; you can always find an activity to interest you in this town.

In the area around the hotel, there is a large number and variety of venues with very diverse shows and entertainment programs, which is just an extra addition to the Hotel Orange's own entertainment program.

On your stay in Benidorm we recommend you visit the “Benidorm Palace” cabaret lounge and its show, which you can get for free by booking at Servigroup. As well as getting to know the nightlife in Playa de Levante or taking advantage of the days getting to know the most emblematic places of the town known as the Spanish New York.

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Seasonal program focused on an adult audience

The location and surroundings of the Hotel Orange make it a highly recommended hotel for adults. The hotel itself offers musical entertainment throughout the year, intensifying its program especially in the high season months.

Weekends with festivities

Live music performances

Do you want to enjoy exclusive live concerts in Benidorm? In the Sanctuary Bar you will find the perfect setting, an exotic atmosphere will accompany the music of local artists several weekends a year, coinciding with specific festivities.

During the high season, these live performances take on a greater role and are available on a daily basis.

Benidorm will always be a great option for your holidays, but also for short weekend getaways.

Live music Hotel Orange
Exclusively during high season

Entertainment in the hotel pool

Benidorm is one of the towns with the best climate in the entire Mediterranean, for that reason it is one of the most chosen destinations to spend the summer. And with the arrival of the heat, what better plan than to combine the swimming pool with a gin and tonic?

The entertainment program also extends to the pool in the high season months, enjoy part of the outdoor activities, and exercises in the pool.

Entertainment at the swimming pool Hotel Orange
Unbeatable location

Benidorm's tourist epicentre

In the surrounding area of the Hotel Orange you will have the largest offer of day and night-time entertainment in the town, the bars/clubs in the area have extensive entertainment programs, nightly and themed shows that have made Benidorm one of the most visited towns in Europe.

You can choose from a wide variety of options, the traditional Irish pub, British bars, restaurants with various international cuisines.

Take a look at the whole world on your holidays to Benidorm.

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