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Celebrate new year in a different way!

New Year’s Eve Gala 2021

At Servigroup Hotels we agree that the New Year’s Eve gala* should be unique and unrepeatable. For this reason we have prepared a special menu with carefully selected ingredients.

To whet your appetite, we offer you a welcome cocktail accompanied with the best cavas, the New Year’s Eve menu begins with some spectacular appetizers and starter dishes and ends with the famous Christmas sweets.

The highlight of the night arrives with the bells and welcoming of the New Year. To make the celebration complete, all of our hotels include a New Year’s Eve Party, live music and free bar. You’ll have a spectacular start to the New Year!

If you would like a different New Year’s Eve, we recommend:

Hotel Servigroup Calypso

Hotel Servigroup Orange

Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm

Download the menu

Hotel Servigroup Diplomatic

Download the menu

Hotel Servigroup Nereo

Download the menu

Don’t miss this opportunity and enjoy an unforgettable New Year’s Eve!


(*) All galas are mandatory. The price of the gala is included in the booking voucher for reservations made via our web page. Except at the hotel Servigroup Nereo for reservations made from November 17th 2021, on a bed and breakfast basis, which is not available.

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