Gluten Free Hotels

At Servigroup Hotels we want gluten free travel to be an option as easy and as simple as any other, so you just have to choose one of the 18 gluten-free hotels in the chain and enjoy the leisure facilities which each hotel and holiday resort offers.  

Many people with intolerance to gluten consider eating out to be a real problem especially those recently diagnosed and families with children. This concern is heightened when we talk about travel and holidays, becoming almost a challenge to find gluten-free hotels that meet their needs.

Gastronomy plays a very important role in our hotels, being fundamental to the hotel chain that all guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay with us. For this reason, for more than 10 years, Hotels Servigroup offers dishes for coeliac guests, becoming the first gluten-free hotel chain in Benidorm. The initiative materialised in the year 2010 after obtaining the recognition of ACECOVA (Asociation of Coeliacs for the Valencian Community).

Since then, our goal is to offer a wide selection of dishes for coeliac guests, providing a balanced diet adapted for all ages. Servigroup Hotels is not only a chain of hotels for coeliac guests, it is a place where we adapt to your needs so that you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Thanks to the work carried out over the last few years and following the quality policy of the hotel chain, Servigroup Hotels has signed a collaboration agreement with FACE (Federation of the Association of Coeliac’ s in Spain) as a regulated company to offer cuisine suitable for coeliac guests.

The agreement with FACE carries an exhaustive control of food products, storage and preparation as well as specialist training for kitchen and restaurant staff. Following this guideline, on February 25 th, María Luján food safety and nutrition coordinator for FACE visited the Hotel Servigroup Diplomatic to provide a practical training course about the illness and the diet it requires (suitable products and risk-free preparation, storage and presentation methods) to the restaurant managers and head chef’s through which we are recognised nationwide as a hotel suitable for coeliac guests.

Our establishments are gluten free hotels, with buffets that offer a special gluten-free menu, which should be requested at breakfast time in order to have ready for lunch and dinner. Cornflakes, Manchego cheese, rice pasta with tomato, peas with Iberian ham, seafood paella, quiche Lorraine and egg custard are some of the twenty options to choose from. Check out our coeliac menu made with the finest ingredients in order to offer our customers a well-balanced diet.

In addition, the bars of our hotels feature (on request) specialist gluten-free beverages, notably, in the case of beer, where only some brands are suitable for those with intolerance to gluten. In this case, by simply informing hotel reception, guests can enjoy this type of drink.

The cost of this type of food product is much higher than other foods; however Servigroup does not charge a penny more for this service.   

In this video we show how a family of celiac customers visit our buffets, where Servigroup offer the maximum guarantee of food  safety, using a special process on a wide selection of gluten-free foods.

In brief, an essential part of the basic Servigroup Hotels philosophy consists of taking care of our customers with our breakfast buffets as well as with our main meals.  Therefore, in each hotel we provide a personalised service whenever the situation requires.   Also, every year we  decorate our restaurants and uniform our staff in accordance with our traditional themed evenings, which from Monday to Sunday offer different types of menus to suit all tastes.  Some examples of themes that you will find in each of our hotels are the special Mexican menus, oriental buffets in which we offer the most exotic combinations and gourmet themed menus in which fusion cuisine plays an essential role.  For these reasons, our themed evenings are renewed year after year, with the intention to always offer a different option each night. 

Our greatest reward is providing a stay that meets your expectations!

Servigroup Hotels await you, your gluten free Hotels, where you can enjoy the best holidays.

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