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Hotel Servigroup Castilla

Entertainment Castilla Hotel in Benidorm

The location of the Hotel Castilla, next to Europa Avenue in a very quiet area, together with its entertainment make this hotel a recommended hotel for adults.

The entertainment programme is aimed at an adult audience, with live music every weekend of the year. However, in high season, this programme takes on greater importance.

One of the main attractions is that thanks to its location you can walk to the city centre where there is a wide range of leisure activities aimed at national tourists, but also to the popular British area of Benidorm.

Its guests highlight the friendly service provided by the team of this welcoming hotel, perfect to enjoy a peaceful stay during your trip to Benidorm, one of the most famous cities in Europe.

We also recommend that you don't miss the Benidorm Palace show, an unforgettable spectacle for which you can get your free ticket by booking your stay with Servigroup.

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Adult-oriented entertainment program

The Hotel Castilla's entertainment and animation program is adapted to the public that stays at the hotel year after year, always striving for improvement and innovation thanks to their comments.

All year round

Live music at the Hotel Castilla

In addition, during high season, coinciding with the busiest time at the hotel, these live shows take place daily.The Hotel Castilla is the scene of concerts by various artists from the area during the year. You can enjoy live music on weekends throughout the year.

Live music at the Hotel Castilla
Levante area

Tranquillity in Benidorm, highly recommended for adults

The hotel is very cosy, with very friendly staff oriented to the adult public.

Its fantastic location makes it a very versatile, quiet hotel, surrounded by green areas and within walking distance of the town centre and the British area. For this reason, many guests choose the Castilla hotel every year to enjoy the day and night leisure that the town of Benidorm offers to its great diversity of tourists.

Tranquillity in Benidorm
High season

Animation by the pool in summer

In the summer months the hotel's entertainment team prepares activities and exercises by the pool. Can you think of a better plan for summer?

The good climate of Benidorm and the sun, invite you to relax on the sun loungers by the pool, have a very refreshing cocktail and take a good bathe enjoying the sun. And all that with fantastic entertainment!

Animation by the pool castilla hotel
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