Our recommendation this week is No Bake Redcurrant Cheesecake

A few months ago we offered an appealing book of recipes, “A Selection of Desserts. Servigroup’s Recipe Book”, in which we recommended trying some of our most popular desserts from our 16 establishments.

On this occasion, we are going to explain how to make one of our most appetising desserts in the easiest way possible.

With the Servigroup Hotels buffets, we love that you can finish your meal with a great taste on your palate. Therefore, every day we offer a wide variety of desserts that without doubt suit all tastes.  The freshest selection of fruit as well as delicious soufflés, traditional rice pudding with cinnamon, the lightest jellies in varios flavours, all kinds of ice cream and of course the range of appetising, elaborate cakes all form part of the extensive dessert buffets on offer at our hotels.     

It is precisely a cake that we are going to talk about in this publication. It’s about our popular no bake redcurrant cheesecake also known as the cream cheese cake.

Cheesecake is a dessert that most people like for its exquisiteness and the appealing ways to prepare and present it. It also constitutes a light dessert, depending on how you sweeten it or if you decide to add less or more biscuit to the base. 

Servigroup Hotels Cheesecake

In our hotels, although we prepare our cheesecakes in different ways, we also like to make no bake cheesecakes. In fact, the recipe that we are going to show you doesn’t require any baking. You just need some biscuits and the preparation is quick and easy.      

Before getting started, we recommened that you have at hand a mold (preferably silicone). It will make it easier for you to take the cheescake out once it is ready to serve. If you prefer, you can also use any other type of loose base mold.


What ingredients do you need to make a no Bake Cheesecake?

Biscuits for the Cold Cheesecake


How to prepare the biscuit base?

In the Servigroup Kitchen, we like to use the more traditional plain or digestive bicuits, however you can use the biscuits of your choice as long as they are properly crushed and can be used to make a good base.  

First, you need to break the 12 biscuits into very small pieces so that you can easily crush them by hand using a fork. You then need to mix them with the butter in order to make the base on which the cheese and redcurrants will go. You now need to place the mixture into your chosen mold. It is very important to spread the mixture evenly so that once it reaches the ideal consistency, the base will be even.    

It is now time to let the mixture rest in the fridge for around 15 minutes.


How to prepare the cheese?  

Start by hydrating the sheets of gelatin in a bowl with water, remove once you can see that they have sufficently absorbed enough liquid.  

Heat the cream in a saucepan over a low heat, it is very important that it does not boil.  Slowly add the sugar whilst stirring the cream. You can now start to add the cheese to the mixture and then slowly incorporate the gelatin sheets or thickner should you decide not to use gelatin. If you have chosen the second option, you should dilute the thickener with a small amount of milk, just enough to make a liquid consistency.     

Continue to stir the mix of ingredients until completely dissolved, but remember not to let it reach boiling point.

The mixture is now ready to be placed into the mold and then the cheesecake needs to rest in the fridge for around 6 hours, which is the time it needs to set properly.

The final step is to add the redcurrant preserve over the cheesecake to your liking.

Servigroup Hotels no bake redcurrant cheescake

The no bake cheesecake is now ready to serve and we hope that you and your dinner guests will enjoy this delicious dessert. 


Hotel Servigroup Castilla Chesecake

Don’t forget that in our recipe book, "A Selection of Desserts, Servigroup’s Recipe Book" you have other alternatives, both on how to make a cheesecake as well as how to make other delicious desserts. There is a wide variety of options.

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