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Here comes Carnival 2017

Now that you've probably managed, to some extent, to get over the Christmas hangover, you're probably starting to feel in your stomach that little festive tingling that tells you that the carnivals are approaching. And maybe the time has come to think about how you are going to live those days. You may already have a slight idea of what your costume will be for this year, or possibly you have it clear.


What kind of costume are you going to wear this year?

Actually, although it is a purely British celebration, the November British Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm always gives us a slight idea of what we are going to find in the carnival three months later.

In fact, a costume that is beginning to be seen a lot among the most frequent of these celebrations is that of Harley Quinn, the mythical female character in the movie Suicide Squad, released this year and starring Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. It's a costume still easy to find in stores, but is starting to sell out.... Even so, it is an outfit that would not be difficult to make yourself with just a little elastic cloth, an extravagant wig (with two pigtails) and red and blue dye.

Another disguise that you will surely find more than once on the forthcoming Carnival night 2017, is that of Princess Leah. Undoubtedly this is a character that is especially on everyone's lips this year. As we have very recently lost the actress who has given life throughout four of the seven episodes of the saga, Carrie Fisher. In addition, this year a new instalment of the Starwars collection arrives in cinemas. It is also a simple suit to make, but totally affordable both in standard or virtual costume stores.

In the Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm we didn’t see much emphasis on Princess Leah, but quite a few disguises that honoured the popular villain of the saga of George Lucas, Darth Vader. It is a disguise that we would not recommend you to do yourself, unless you were a genius of fashion. On the contrary, you should hurry if you are interested, because they also start disappearing from the stores fairly quick.

The Game of Thrones characters do promise to triumph again for the Carnival 2017 festivities. The strongest candidates are the costumes that honour the popular Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne de Tarth, Arya and Cercei for the girls and those of Jon Snow, Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister for the boys.

Daenerys disguise

Also everything points to that 2017 could be the year of the Manga in carnivals, as well as Japanese cartoon characters in general. The proof of this is that many stores are receiving a high number of requests for the classic characters of Pokemon, Goku, Hatsune Miku, Vegeta Warrior and Red Dragon, amongst many others.

Zombies will most definitely be seen this year. The Walking Dead series, as well as the corresponding video game and its eponymous comic, remain in the sights of many fans. In addition, a living dead costume always looks good in both carnival and Halloween parties.

Now that the small screen is catching up on the terrifying story of The Exorcist, you're also likely to meet some Regan’s (better known as the Exorcist) at parades or at a party.

On the other hand, the most classic disguises of all continue to dominate the carnival parties. So do not be surprised when you find the classic Michael Jackson parading with his legendary steps, Elvis Presley with his microphone and his wig, the funny Super Mario Bros, the refined ballet dancers (both women and men), the legendary Superheroes (Batman and Superman) and Roman warriors, Bishops with their giant crucifixes and also rag dolls and dolls of all types.

Batman disguise


The 2017 Carnival in Benidorm 

Whether or not you dress up yourself, if you are staying in Benidorm throughout Carnival time, you are sure to be encouraged to take a walk to observe the festive atmosphere of the town.                                                                    

It is official that the carnival parades in Benidorm will be held on February 25th.  As usual, you will have one available in the morning, dedicated to the little ones, and another at night for adults, who are encouraged to join the parade.

The itinerary, as usual, will begin on Calle Venus, to continue through Ruzafa, Herrerías and finish the tour in the Plaza SS.MM. Los Reyes de España.

Upon arrival at the popular Town Hall Square in Benidorm, the participants will be presented to the audience and the jury, who will then proceed to award prizes to the winners.

The Benidorm 2017 carnival will again have a great organised party, after the popular parade; whether or not you are dressed up you will want to join in. This celebration will take place in the SS Plaza. MM Los Reyes de España, and will continue on a high with its traditional firework show. Not forgetting the music that will continue in the marquees late into the night, where you can buy all kinds of drinks at very interesting prices.

Do you dare?

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