Discover the best carnivals in the Valencian province

The Valencian Province is a place of traditions and contrasts. Since time immemorial the Carnival has been celebrated, throughout this whole area.

Carnival simply means having a good time before the arrival of Christian Lent. It is a pagan festival where dances, banquets, costumes and parades are held, anticipating the antagonistic period of decorum, restrictions and respect that comes after Ash Wednesday.

There are many towns who love to celebrate carnival in the Valencian Province, in a very special way. So, for you to enjoy these special carnival parties, filled with fun, we offer you different accommodation options in Servigroup Hotels and we offer a list with the best carnivals of this beautiful region.


The best carnivals in the Valencian Province:

Alicante Carnival

Carnival costume

The Carnival in Alicante invites everyone to participate, it is a party, open to its residents, tourists and visitors who wish to spend time in the city during these days and enjoy a multitude of activities scheduled for these dates.

The beginning of the carnival in Alicante, starts with the Dijous de Gras and its spectacular correfoc (chasing fire), which gives rise to the great gastronomic party enlivened by the best bands. On Friday the proclamation will take place and after this, you can enjoy concerts through the streets of the city; Saturday the carnival Alicante will be filled with parades, shows, workshops, music ... where the party continues, with a great street atmosphere that will end on Ash Wednesday with the popularly known burial of the sardine.

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Carnival in Torrevieja

Torrevieja dresses up for 4 weekends to celebrate its renowned carnivals. Catalogued as one of the most popular, fun, and daring. You cannot miss the famous night parade, which is quite a show, the consecrated contest of Drag Queens, or the chirigotas (parodies) of the city. Dances, music, lights and fireworks flood these days in the coastal municipality of Torrevieja.

You have a perfect excuse to escape to the Carnival of Torrevieja, enjoy the atmosphere, the sea and the good climate of the town. Remember that in the south of the province of Alicante, just two minutes from the town you can find our 4-star Hotel La Zenia by the sea.


Carnival in Benidorm

Music band in carnival

In a big town like Benidorm you have to celebrate the carnival, in a big way. Days of celebration for both adults and children, days when tourists and visitors are integrated perfectly into the bustling party of Benidorm. Parades through the old town, floats, music bands, fun and original costumes are seen constantly in its streets. We recommend that you participate in the Carnival Race where the most intrepid runners are dressed in the most outlandish outfits, and that you attend their festivals, that you try to win one of the succulent prizes for the best costume or that you go to the end of the fiesta, where you can enjoy the procession to the beach to bury the sardine and enjoy a spectacular fireworks display.

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Carnival in Pego

Located north of the province of Alicante, just 20 minutes by motorway from Benidorm, Pego is the municipality whose Carnival has a reputation of being more rebellious.

The streets of Pego are decorated to receive hundreds of visitors, who flock to the location to celebrate this festivity. Disguise yourself individually, as a couple or with friends to enjoy one of the funniest carnivals in the Valencian Community. Do not hesitate and participate a week before the carnival in the "Bajada del rio Bullent" where you will have to sail the river in customized boats, without engines and with your best costume. Also essential are the celebration of the piñata and the burial of the sardine. Come to the Carnival of Pego 2019 you will enjoy a continuous party and many new features scheduled for the occasion.



Music in the streets of Ayora

Situated Inland of the province of Valencia towards Albacete, Ayora shines for its Creativity par excellence given to this town, where neighbours and clubs work laboriously for months on their costumes, filling the streets with music, joy and colour throughout the day, and especially during their nocturnal festivals. It is highly recommended to attend the fun burial of the sardine and taste the delicious gazpacho that is distributed among the attendees, after celebrating the act.



Fancy dress parade

A little to the north of Peníscola in Castellon, you can find the town of Vinaroz famous for its spectacular Carnival.

The Carnival of Vinaroz, is one of the oldest in the Valencian Community, also considered one of the best carnivals in Spain, this has been held since 1871 and has been declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest. From this fiesta they highlight their queens, the Drag Queen gala, the night of pyjamas, the parade of pets in fancy dress, the battles of confetti and flour... all enlivened by the best musical troupes during 10 days of authentic madness for this carnival.




This Wine municipality in the interior of the province of Valencia, where the tradition of Carnival is deeply rooted and has great popularity. The most significant acts of this municipality are the proclamation of the King of Cepas and the proclamation, the contest of short poems (letrillas) where the music troupes will fight to be the most ingenious, through amazing and funny parodies (la murga del arquitecto) and the burial of the sardine. You will be surprised to see the Judas hanging from the bell tower. Without a doubt, days of revelry, rivalry and laughter are certainly assured.


As you see, we offer you some different and varied proposals to celebrate this 2019 carnival. Do you know which one you are going to choose?

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