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The Fancy Dress Party return to Benidorm on Thursday November 14th

November is a particularly symbolic month for everyone in Benidorm, whether you are Spanish, British, a resident or simply spending a few days in the resort. During the penultimate month of the year Benidorm celebrates its traditional and popular Patron Saint Festivities which is immediately followed by the international Fancy Dress Party.

For 2019, the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party will take place in the usual area. Therefore, on Thursday November 14th, the Calle Gerona and surrounding streets will extend to the Rincon de Loix with a spectacular and colourful atmosphere in which the essence is to be in fancy dress, although the main aim is to have a great time.

This celebration will feature for yet another year, an original, fun and unique parade that will run through the main streets of the British area of Benidorm. A series of extravagant themed floats will travel the streets of this area with lights, sounds and shows for all those present and creating, without a doubt, a great atmosphere full of expectation.

Bar and photocall of Hotels Servigroup

One of these floats once again will be featured by Servigroup Hotels. Although we still cannot officially confirm the theme of this year's float, since we want to surprise you and leave you speechless, we give you our word that you will enjoy watching our float parade, as it will be more colorful and striking than ever.

The parade will run from Lepanto Street all the way through the main streets and finishing at the well-known Europe avenue in the early afternoon and the parade will be broadcast live through Visit Benidorm.


Bar and photo call of Servigroup Hotels

Bar and photocall of Hotels Servigroup

Also do not forget that on the Mallorca street, our Hotel Orange in Benidorm again puts at your disposal its outside bar service you can find in front of the hotel.

At the same time in the avenue Derramador, also the Calypso Hotel in Benidorm will have its mythical bar int he street so you can enjoy the great atmosphere of the Fancy Dress Party.


Benidorm streets in the Fancy Dress Party

Fancy Dress Party Benidorm

As you know, It is a celebration of British origin, although It is celebrate every year in many cities of the word. In fact, is for many a very special and entertaining way to end the Benidorm Fiestas. So, if you are in the resort during the fiesta dates and five days of fiestas seems too short have no doubt that the best way to continue is with the Fancy Dress. That way, you will have the chance to extend the fiesta magic with a large dose of diversity and contrasts.

For these reasons our hotels in Benidorm will fill up throughout these dates and whether you do or don’t live in the town, if you decide to take a few days break, the bank holiday will be great fun.


Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm

British Fancy Dress Benidorm

This international celebration began in Benidorm a whopping 25 years ago when a bar manager from a well-known bar in the area decided to invite all those in fancy dress to a free drink. This was just the start of a celebration that has grown year after year and which during the last 9 years has particularly grown in popularity with more than 40.000 people attending year after year.

As for fancy dress ideas, although we find ourselves in midway dates between Halloween and Carnival, it is not too difficult to choose a costume because at the Fancy Dress Party there is room for all styles as the most important thing is just to be in disguise and have a great time.

The past 2018 was undoubtedly a great year for the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party, in which the epic TV characters stood out.


We will be waiting for you at Benidorm’s biggest Fancy-Dress Party!

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