The Fancy Dress Party returns to Benidorm on Thursday 17th November

November is a very special month in Benidorm! It doesn't matter if you're from here or there, from Spain, the UK or any other country because the joy of Benidorm is shared by all of us who love this great Mediterranean city. This penultimate month of the year is unique because Benidorm celebrates its popular and emotive Patron Saint Festivities, which are followed by the international Fancy Dress Party.

This year 2022, the Fancy Dress Party, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, will be held on Thursday 17th November after two years of pandemic and it will be celebrated in style. Gerona and Mallorca streets will become the epicentre of "La Fiesta" which will extend to the Rincón de Loix, turning it into a spectacular and colourful festive setting in which it will be almost obligatory to dress up, although the aim is simply to have a great time.

Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm

This celebration will once again feature, at around 4pm, an original, fun and unique parade which will run through the main streets of what is known as Benidorm's "Bristish Square". A series of extravagant, themed floats will run through the streets of this area with lights, sounds and shows for the enjoyment of all present and creating, without doubt, a great atmosphere and expectation.

One of these floats will once again be provided by Servigroup Hotels. And although we cannot yet officially confirm the theme of this year's float, as we want to surprise and amaze you, we give you our word that you will enjoy watching us, as it will be more colourful and eye-catching than ever. Just a hint... "Winter is coming...".

The parade will run from Lepanto street to Derramador avenue and Gerona street.

Delfi at Fancy Dress Party

Enjoy the bars and photocalls of Servigroup Hotels

And don't forget that in Mallorca Street, our Hotel Servigroup Orange once again offers you its bar service with a spectacular bar with popular prices that you can find at the height of the hotel itself in the street, turning this corner of the "Zona Inglesa" into the epicentre of the Fancy Dress Party.

Similarly, on Derramador Avenue, the Hotel Servigroup Calypso will also have its now legendary bar in the street so that you can enjoy the great atmosphere of this party like no other. Don't miss it!

In short, you'll have more than enough reasons to extend the Benidorm fiestas one more day enjoying this incomparable Mediterranean city.

Fancy Dress Party parade

Where does the Fancy Dress Party take place?

As you know, the Fancy Dress Party is a celebration of British origin, although it is celebrated every year in many cities around the world. In fact, for many it is a very special and fun way to conclude or continue Benidorm's patron saint festivities. So, if you're in town during that week, and only five days of celebrations are not enough for you, don't doubt that the best way to continue will be the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party 2022. You'll have the option of adding to the magic of the festivities with a greater dose of diversity and contrasts in the city's "British Square", which extends around the Mallorca and Gerona streets and Derramador Avenue, an authentic autumnal carnival!

Servigroup show at Fancy Dress Party

The autumn carnival in Benidorm

This international festival began to be celebrated in Benidorm more than 25 years ago, when the manager of a well-known pub in the area decided to invite anyone in fancy dress to a drink. But this was just the seed of a celebration that grew year after year.

It is in the last 10 years that the Fancy Dress Party has especially increased in popularity, and now there are more than 40,000 people who gather every year to enjoy this real carnival.

As for costume ideas, although we are in an intermediate date between Halloween and Christmas, it is not complicated to choose an outfit, because at the Fancy Dress Party there is room for all styles. Remember that the important thing is once again to dress up and have as much fun as possible.

In 2020 "La Fiesta", as it is popularly known, had to be suspended due to the pandemic. And after a timid return last year, in this edition there is more desire than ever to enjoy this irreverent tradition. Are you up for it?

Fancy dress party atmosphere

Don't forget... We'll be waiting for you at the Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm!

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