Saint Patrick's day in Benidorm

Every year, the 17th of March marks the date of a unique Irish celebration; the commemoration of the death of Saint Patrick, widely known as the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Today, the celebration is held in many cities throughout the world, including Benidorm.

Many of the streets of Benidorm, with their pubs, bars, restaurants, and even some beers, turn green. Everything is decorated in pure Irish style, displaying the symbolic shamrocks and Irish flags, and all this makes for a unique celebration which includes a programme of concerts in the most emblematic pubs of the area.

Also last year we saw a series of percussion exhibitions in the street, which caught the attention of the public in broad daylight.

The event takes place in the spirit of solidarity, the intention being to host a grand celebration which many of our visitors enjoy with great excitement and passion.

Benidorm is a city that, as part of its tourism philosophy, celebrates all types of festivities. This isn’t just a selling point for our visitors – it’s a way of increasing the choice of entertainment and leisure on offer to you, our guests, which we hope you find enjoyable and fun. This celebration is one option from a wide range of attractions that our city has to offer all year round.

Furthermore, although this pure Irish festive atmosphere is particularly focused around the establishments of the Rincón de Loix neighbourhood, and the calles Gerona, Lepanto and surrounding area, there are also other Saint Patrick's Day celebrations all over Benidorm.

In fact, it was the owner of an emblematic Irish pub in Benidorm who took the initiative in the late 80's, inviting all customer a free drink if they came into his establishment, wearing this peculiar outfit and green hat.

Green cakes of Saint Patrick at Servigroup Hotels

The hotels Servigroup Diplomatic, Servigroup Pueblo, Servigroup Venus, Servigroup Calypso,Servigroup Nereo, Servigroup Rialto and Servigroup Castilla are all located right in the heart of the festivities. 

Saint Patrick's hat in the Benidorm old town


Who was Saint Patrick?

San Patricio nació el año 387 después de Cristo, probablemente en Escocia (nunca pudo determinarse con absoluta seguridad). A la edad de 16 años fue víctima de unos piratas irlandeses que lo capturaron y vendieron como esclavo en Irlanda, donde permaneció durante seis años.

Víctima de constantes malos tratos, conseguiría fugarse y permanecería escondido “posiblemente” en Francia, país en el que, supuestamente, se formaría y ordenaría como sacerdote hasta la edad de 46 años.

Tras una larga ausencia decidió volver a Irlanda, donde predicó el Cristianismo y permaneció hasta su muerte, un 17 de marzo que supuso una auténtica tragedia entre sus seguidores más fieles.


Why a shamrock?

Saint Patrick's shamrock in Benidorm

The symbolic significance of the shamrock for Saint Patrick's Day, is due to the explanation he gave to his Irish followers of the meaning of the Holy Trinity. He used this leaf to compare both concepts, presenting the idea of three in one, where the first could be compared to the Father, the second to the Son and the third to the Holy Spirit.

Today there are many important celebrations based on the anniversaries of historical or religious figures. In fact here in Benidorm, in November, the city turns into an authentic fiesta, the main origin of which is the commemoration of the discovery of the Virgen del Sufragio. The same occurs in Alicante and other Spanish cities in June, when each city celebrates la noche de San Juan (Saint John's Eve) in its own way.

Such was the impact of the great feast of Saint Patrick in other countries, that not long ago it began to take on worldwide importance. As a result, the anniversary of the death of the man who preached and extended Christianity in Ireland has become another example of a celebration that is not exclusively religious.

Here in Benidorm, we once again help to make our visitors feel at home, and although this is an event principally aimed at British people, we are all invited to enjoy this traditional Irish celebration. 

Benidorm pubs in Saint Patrick

We’ll be waiting for you…!!

Images courtesy of Visit Benidorm

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