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Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada

Entertainment Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada

Benidorm is undoubtedly one of the most versatile tourist destinations, its wide variety of day and night-time entertainment make it a town to travel to regardless of your tastes and needs. You will always find what you are looking for here!

audiences. It is a family hotel for its facilities and activities aimed at children of all ages, but at the same time there are activities aimed at adults traveling as a couple.

Being located on the Poniente Beach, the surroundings are very quiet, but it is perfectly connected with local Transporte to make any family outing, or as a couple nice and easy.

The many different theme parks in Benidorm are some of the star entertainment options in the area.

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Programming at the Torre Dorada Hotel:

The Torre Dorada entertainment program adapts to all ages, as it is a hotel visited by families, groups of friends and couples ... it offers the most varied entertainment possible, always taking into account the influx of the hotel, season and demand by the guests.

Children's animation

The special time for the younger ones of the house!

Young children find their favourite place in Benidorm, at the Hotel Torre Dorada, where they can play with other children their age and enjoy a large number of activities organized by the animation team.

Coinciding with the school holidays, the Delfi Club opens its doors to welcome the summer season, when the children's entertainment program intensifies.

Children unleash their creativity by conducting educational workshops, crafts, and organizing dances, theatres, and musicals.

Animation for teens

Games, competitions and activities for teenagers

The teenagers of the house also have an animation program more suited to their tastes at the Hotel Torre Dorada.

They will be able to participate in different team sports, such as water polo in the pool, or darts and pool tournaments. Without forgetting socio-cultural activities such as musicals and dances.

Animation for adults

Adults also have a lot of fun

Like children, adults will also have a series of activities geared towards their entertainment.

On summer evenings, the pool has a giant screen where the most relevant sporting events are projected, a great cocktail and drinks menu, along with shows and live music during the evenings.

We recommend that you do not miss the Benidorm Palace show, take advantage of booking on the official website and get your free entrance.

365 days a year

Make the most of the night, in Benidorm!

With the sunset, it's time to enjoy the most fun end to a fantastic day.

The hotel has prepared a fun night-time program that welcomes the favourite activities for everyone, for example:

  • Mini disco for the little ones, a party just for them.
  • Participation games for the whole family.
  • Live music and live performances with the usual classics for adults.

The nightly entertainment varies depending on the season and the influx of the hotel, so there will not be two nights the same.

Mini disco for the little ones
Children's facilities

A space for your children, and for you

In the months of low season when the hotel does not have children's entertainment, you can still use the facilities to have fun with your child.

You can access the children's playroom, the playground or the pool tables and table tennis to enjoy a very fun time with your child.

There is no better time than your holidays to spend family time together.

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