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Hotel Servigroup Koral Beach

Entertainment Hotel Koral Beach in Oropesa del Mar

The Hotel Koral Beach is one of the main attractions of Oropesa del Mar, its adult focused entertainment is a great incentive throughout the area and its unbeatable location facing the sea makes it the best setting for the summer.

The entertainment program is extensive with different activities spread throughout the day, from early hours, to evening entertainment with live music.

Every year the animation team meets to evaluate which activities our guests liked the most, and to improve the program for the following season, reinforcing the successes and including new activities to surprise you.

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Entertainment and activities of the Hotel Koral Beach

The entertainment at the Hotel Koral Beach is aimed at an adult audience, among whom wellness activities, dancing or tasting workshops are always successful.

During the high season months, due to an increased influx at the hotel, musical activities and entertainment games intensify.

Morning animation

Start the day on the right foot

Health and well-being are the key elements in these type of activities, and the privileged location of the hotel is a perfect excuse to contemplate the Mediterranean and all its charms.

Activities take place in the hotel's solarium during the early morning hours. Start the day with energy and a very positive mindset, the best way to enjoy your holiday.

Morning entertainment at the Koral Beach hotel
Get to know your new little family

The appetizer games!

Oropesa's irresistible menu! The entertainment team has collected the games and activities that guests like best, bringing to life the Hotel Koral Beach “aperitif games”.

A menu of games that take place throughout the afternoon where socialization and good humour are the key to its success.

Children's activities at the Koral Beach hotel
Night-time Entertainment

Dance classes and live music

If you are passionate about dance, you will love the different dance classes that are taught throughout the day, but with the arrival of night, in Oropesa, it is time to show everything you have learned on stage.

After a good dinner the musical moment arrives, in the theme nights you will have fun putting everything you have learned in class on the stage. In addition, some nights we have shows and live performances.

Let your feet dance to the rhythm of Oropesa!

Evening entertainment at the Koral Beach hotel
Escape Room

Test your skill

Dare to enter a mental challenge that will test your ingenuity and team skills.

The Secrets Room awaits, a puzzle to solve, gather your group of friends and try to solve a mystery in which the only thing we can guarantee is that the time invested in the room will unite you and your team, and you will have a fun time.

Escape Room at the Koral Beach hotel
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