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Contract conditions for agencies

Contracting conditions

Identification of the parties:

For one party, the Service provider HOTELES SERVIGROUP (understanding under such name the group of Hotels listed on their web page which includes all information and details about said hotels), through their Central Reservations Office SERVI GROUP TRAVEL S.L., with registered office at Av. de Europa nº 6, Edf. Torre Benidorm, 03503-Benidorm (Alicante), CIF (Fiscal ID code) No B03039120, registered in the Company Registry of Alicante, in volume 1976, Sheet 87, page A-3022, offers the contracting of accommodation, catering and other additional services in the Hotels of the group (hereinafter, HOTELES SERVIGROUP), in favour of the other party, the designated AGENCY (hereinafter, the AGENCY) whose details have previously been provided by said agency by including them in the corresponding form, in accordance with the following CONDITIONS:


This contract is valid solely and exclusively for RETAIL AGENCIES (hereinafter, the AGENCY), understanding under that name retail agencies, individuals or legal entities who, in possession of the corresponding title-licence, are professionally and commercially dedicated to the exercise of mediation activities and/or organisation of tourism services, whose identification details have been directly provided by the agency itself by including said details in the corresponding forms previously provided by HOTELES SERVIGROUP to access this contracting service, and such AGENCY shall be the sole responsible of the authenticity and truthfulness of the details provided.


HOTELES SERVIGROUP undertakes to provide hotel services for accommodation, catering and other additional services in the Hotels listed on their web page, in favour of the customers referred by the AGENCY in accordance with the prices and fees appearing on said web page and in accordance with the provisions of these contracting conditions and the good faith that must govern trade relations.

Reservation prices and conditions:

shown at the time of booking include VAT at the rate applicable when the booking was made, which will be applied to the services purchased. This is without prejudice to the need to charge any additional taxes that must be passed on to the consumer in accordance with the applicable legislation.

In the event that the VAT rate changes between the date of the booking and the date on which the services to which the VAT is applied are provided, generating a disparity in rates, the one to be used to obtain the final price will be that in force at the time of receiving the aforementioned services. This is the case even if the resulting price is higher than the final price indicated to the customer during the booking process. The same applies in the event of the introduction of any tax that must be passed on to the consumer.

The AGENCY undertakes to respect the Retail Price per person and day (PVP/PAX/DAY) recommended by HOTELES SERVIGROUP which is published on their web page for the Hotels listed therein.

It is understood that the accepted rates and conditions reflected here, are exclusively for the Agency’s customers(end user). In the event that the Agency would like to pass on to other agencies, groups or any other type of dealer the prices and conditions of Servigroup Hotels, it(the agency) must have the express permission of the hotel chain following written request , either by fax, post, or e-mail, stating the name of the 3rd business(B2B) and the signature of approval and acceptance of Servigroup Hotels.

The AGENCY must provide a customer name for each of the accommodation units reserved.

HOTELES SERVIGROUP shall not admit changes in the customer name. Any change shall imply the cancellation of the original reservation and the new reservation shall be accepted depending on the availability of places in the HOTEL and in accordance with the price and conditions existing at the moment the new reservation is made, with no obligation for the HOTEL to respect the conditions prior to the change. The cancellation and/or modification of a booking that has been notified in a certain and indisputable way by any means at least 72 hours prior to the contracted check-in date will give THE AGENCY the right to transfer the amount charged for the booking to a future stay in the same HOTEL and solely on behalf of the same named guest, within the 365 calendar days following the contracted check-in date, subject to room availability.

In the event that THE AGENCY exercises this right, the price and conditions existing at the time of making the new booking will apply. When the rate applicable for these dates is higher, THE AGENCY must pay the difference. If the rate is lower than that for the original booking, THE AGENCY cannot claim any amount for this. In any case, THE HOTEL is under no obligation to respect the conditions that existed prior to the modification.

Only one change of date per reservation will be allowed, which cannot be fragmented over different rooms, nor be used for anything other than the payment of accommodation and board.

Reservations for Bed and Breakfast (BB), Half-board (HB) or Full Board (FB) shall be fully paid, even if customers do not avail themselves of such services. In individual reservations for FB, HOTELES SERVIGROUP shall invoice all days as such, irrespective of the services used on the arrival and departure days. Unless expressly stated in the reservation, Full Board (FB) is understood as arrival with lunch and departure with breakfast. Different accommodation board bases shall not be admitted during the same stay.

For bookings of 3 or more rooms SERVIGROUP HOTELS reserves the right to request a deposit (fixed amount) as a guarantee of the reservation.

The Christmas Gala meal on 25th of December and the New Year's Eve Gala on 31st of December are compulsory, are included in the price of the reservation and this not commissionable. Warning! Reservations where the departure date is on 25th of December will NOT include the Christmas day Gala meal. if guest wishes to contract the gala meal this should be indicated in the comments section and will be paid separately by the guest directly to the hotel, as an additional service, this not commissionable. In the case of the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, the Christmas Gala Meal on the 25th of December is optional (please contact us to book this Gala).

Method of payment: 15% AGENCY commission:

The Agency shall receive FIFTEEN PERCENT (15%) as profit margin of the full amount of the stay contracted (VAT included). The additional services contracted (cot, parking, Gala meals, etc) will not be commissionable.

Booking in advance guarantees you the best possible rate given that prices gradually increase as we move closer to the season and as demand increases.

To confirm a booking the HOTEL will take the money for ONE NIGHT NON-REFUNDABLE per stay and room. The AGENCY must therefore provide the number and validity period of a credit card at this time. The rest of the payment will be charged to the card provided 72 hours before the arrival date or must be entered in the account that appears on the prepayment invoice at least 72 hours in advance.

In the case that you want to make the payment by bank Transfer, this must be made in favor of the Hotel Establishment, in which the client has contracted to stay, that is part of HOTELES SERVIGROUP, with a minimum advance of (10) ten calendar days prior to the arrival date. Payment will not be accepted by transfer after this date.

IIn the case that HOTELES SERVIGROUP has not been able to make any of the charges, found in the terms described above, the reservation will be automatically cancelled without prior notice.

Cancellations, early departures and non-appearance of the customer:

If the reservation is cancelled within 72hours prior to the arrival date, or the customer fails to arrive at the Hotel, the total cost of the reservation will be charged as compensation.

If the reservation is cancelled 72hours prior to the date of the customer’s arrival at the Hotel, only the cost of ONE night, paid for at the time of making the reservation, will be charged as compensation.

the HOTEL shall not reimburse any sum for the early departure of customers.

Complaints from customers shall not be taken into account if they are not made during their stay at HOTELES SERVIGROUP and under no circumstance may the AGENCY give discounts or deductions for any complaint by the customers.

Other conditions:

The AGENCY may not transfer or assign to other AGENCIES or third parties in general the rights and obligations derived from this contract, without the express authorisation of HOTELES SERVIGROUP.

The access details (User and Password) provided to the AGENCY are not transferable and may not be assigned to third parties.

Termination of the contract:

HOTELES SERVIGROUP reserves the power of early termination of this contract in case of breach by the AGENCY of the previous conditions, by giving (15) fifteen days' notice.

The AGENCY may terminate the contract in advance by giving (15) fifteen days' notice, as long as it is up-to-date with the payment of the obligations previously assumed and arising from this contract.


For the purposes of communications, notifications and/or claims with regard to the terms and conditions of this contract, HOTELES SERVIGROUP designates the address of the Central Reservations Office (SERVI GROUP TRAVEL S.L.) located at Av. de Europa nº 6, Edf. Torre Benidorm, 03503 Benidorm (Alicante).

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction:

This contract is subject to the applicable Spanish Legislation. For any issues deriving from the interpretation and application of this contract, the parties are expressly subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Benidorm (Alicante) and their Hierarchical Superiors.

Data Protection:

The parties inform representatives signing this contract that their personal data will be recorded in individual files controlled by each of the parties, the purpose of which is to maintain the contractual relationships of the same, it being essential that they provide their identification details, National Identity or equivalent document number and their signature in order to do so. The parties also warrant that they comply with the reporting obligations in respect of their employees whose personal data are communicated between the parties to maintain and perform the contractual relationship. The legal basis that makes the processing of the parties' data legitimate is the need to make and execute this Contract. The data will be kept for the duration of this Contract and for 15 years after that in order to meet any responsibilities arising from the contractual relationship.

Those affected may, at any time, exercise their rights against the relevant party to access, rectify, cancel/delete, oppose and restrict processing and portability by written notice to the registered office shown at the beginning of this document, providing a photocopy of their National Identity or equivalent document and identifying the right sought. Moreover, if they consider that their right to the protection of personal data has been breached, they may file a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

In relation to client data provided by the AGENCY to HOTELES SERVIGROUP, the AGENCY warrants that it has gathered the data in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Spanish General Register of Data Protection (RGPD) and that it has informed those affected of the subsequent transfer of the same.

Acceptance of conditions:

HOTELES SERVIGROUP makes available to the designated AGENCY the necessary information, in a clear and understandable way and free of charge, on the different procedures which must be followed in order to sign the contract and the content of these contracting conditions in Spanish, French and English, so that they can be stored and reproduced by the designated AGENCY, in accordance with the provisions of the Law. It will not be necessary to provide additional information as none of the contracting parties is considered the end user.

The AGENCY is considered to have read and understood the full content of the conditions, terms and privacy policy of this contract, as well as the scope and legal consequences thereof, and states its acceptance and consent when signing this contract.

End of the contract

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