We continue our commitment to sustainability by renovating our hotel facilities in Benidorm and Peñíscola

At Servigroup we have been working from the very beginning on the essential requirements of our hotels with the aim of reopening them as soon as possible. We will open our doors on 1st July to welcome back our guests. During this time whilst the tourism activity has been stopped all over the world, we have been working hard on improving our services and we have taken another step forward in our commitment to the environment.

Servigroup Hotels is a leading company in the tourism sector in the Valencian Community with 18 establishments along the Mediterranean coast, with a capacity of 10,000 beds and over 2,500 employees in high season. This leads us to be a company committed and responsible with the society and the populations in the Mediterranean where our hotels are located. This has been the case since 1969 when the company's bases were established in the city of Benidorm.

Sustainable facilities at Servigroup

Respect for environment is an essential part of Servigroup Hotels.

For this reason, and taking advantage of the downtime in the activity of our hotels, we have carried out the renovation of the facilities of all our establishments in Benidorm (9) and Peñíscola (1) so that they now use natural gas, a cleaner and more efficient fuel, with emissions of up to 50% lower than some of the most widely used fuels in our country. This is an ambitious first step that will be continued in the coming months with the conversion of the facilities in the rest of the hotels in the chain. Moreover, our aim is to contribute to the wellbeing of residents and visitors of the areas where our hotels are located to breath cleaner air.

“The forecast is that in the first year after its installation, 660 tons of CO2 will no longer be emitted into the atmosphere, which would be equivalent to planting a total of 16,923 trees.”
Implementation of Natural Gas at Servigroup

We bet on sustainable tourism.

Standing up for the sustainability of tourism is to be fully aware of the current and future impact that tourism has on the environment, society and economy and to act accordingly. In other words, this means working to completely satisfy our clients' expectations without compromising natural resources so that in the future we can continue to do so in the same way or even better.

The initiative has been carried out together with the company “NEDGIA Cegas”. This company has an extensive experience in the energy sector, and has the same philosophy as Servigroup Hotels which is to rely on the continuous improvement in quality of service and the commitment to the environment.

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