Do you already know where you will spend 3 Kings Night 2019?

In this publication we are going to talk about one of the most classic traditions of these festivities. This of course, is clear that it would be, about the Three Wise Men and how we enjoy the coming of the Three Kings in Benidorm.

And it is that, the tradition in our country was to wait for the arrival of the three wise men of the East who came loaded with gifts for the whole family.

The traditional thing was to wait for the children to get up on the 6th of January to find their gifts upon awakening. For this reason, they spent much of the night without a wink of sleep, due to nerves. The whole family, from the largest to the smallest, awaited with great expectation to see what the 3 Kings Melchor, Gaspar and Balthasar had brought them; as long as they had behaved well ... Sometimes the prankster Kings deposited the gifts in the most unusual places in the house, to cause more emotion; meanwhile, other times they left the gifts in the living room of the house, at the foot of the bed, under the stairs or by the fireplace ...

It was also common to find some lucky houses, in which the Kings left the gifts on January 5, just after performing the procession of the 3 Kings.

We have talked about this as though it is in the past because this is what was done exclusively. There was no Santa Claus in most cases, and if there was, it was as a prelude to the 3 Kings, by leaving a small gift. Even so, we can count on the privilege of living in a country in which the Three Wise Men of the East continue to be an indispensable and very endearing tradition.

The difference between those children of a couple of decades ago and the children of this recently inaugurated digital era, is simply that the gifts tend now to be divided, or doubled in the case of many privileged children.

Who nowadays does not write a letter to both Santa Claus and to the 3 Kings?


The night of Kings in Benidorm

3 Kings procession of in Benidorm

As for the Twelfth Night, we continue to enjoy this night with great emotion. Therefore, if you decide to visit Benidorm for Christmas, you will be in awe with this colourful procession of the Three Wise Men in Benidorm in which the great hosts (not the protagonists) will be the Three Wise Men.

In short, the Kings will also enter in a very silent way into the rooms of Servigroup Hotels to leave their best gifts. So, from our hotels, your children will keep that magic smile that we never want them to lose.

In any of the nine hotels in Benidorm, you and your family can enjoy a spectacular tribute to the Three Wise Men, in which you will cannot miss its delicious and "surprising" roscón de reyes (cake of Kings).


The 3 Kings procession in Benidorm

Kings' Cavalcade in Benidorm 2018

Once again, the procession of the Three Kings Benidorm 2019, will return to parade through the most central and emblematic streets of Benidorm on January 5th, with a route and a staging that will not cease to surprise you, even with the passage of years.

For this occasion, the parade will be held at 18.00, starting again in the park of Elche, following the Avenue Almendros, and the Venus, Ruzafa, Herrerias and Doctor Fleming streets. The parade will conclude, as always, in the Plaza SS.MM. Kings of Spain (The Town hall), which for a few more hours, will continue to be the Christmas square in Benidorm.

There will be the traditional delivery of gold, incense and myrrh to the Baby Jesus at the Bethlehem scene.

It will be at the end, that the great protagonists of this event, the children, will be able to greet and take pictures with their favourite King.

The party will then continue in the Christmas square, where you will be able to have enjoy and have fun with all the attractions and the spectacular skating rink.

You can also take your children to the miniature reconstruction of Bethlehem town, located on the Gambo street in Benidorm, a few meters from the square. A more than ideal place, to take the best photos of this night of Kings 2019.


Servigroup and the Kings procession

Servigroup in the floats of the Three Kings

After the success during the last two years, Hoteles Servigroup will once again be part of the great procession of the Three Wise Men. Once again it will be our beloved mascot Delfi that will represent us in the Kings procession 2019 in Benidorm.

Delfi, as always will be there when we need him. For that reason, and with total security he will return, and without a doubt your children will continue to fall in love with our captain. A memorable mascot that is undoubtedly a specialist in making little friends.


The Three Kings Parade in other Servigroup destinations

Three Kings and Pajes in Mojacar

But if your choice for this Christmas is the coast of Orihuela, or Mojácar, your little ones can also enjoy their procession.

If you stay at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and you plan to spend the 3 Kings night in Mojácar, you will love its beautiful parades, a parade that always starts at the popular Mojácar Fountain in the early afternoon.

If your choice is the Hotel La Zenia, the Kings parade in Orihuela, creates great expectation among the Oriolans, and also among the inhabitants of the surrounding towns, who every year head to this beautiful city to enjoy the parade of the 3 Wise men.

The meeting point which is still unconfirmed, will probably be the neighbourhood of Espiguetes de Orihuela.


The important thing is that wherever you decide, at Hoteles Servigroup we will try, just as every year to offer you a 100% Christmas atmosphere ...

Would you like to spend it with us?

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