Why great cyclists choose Mojácar

Every Winter for a Little over a decade, professional and amateur cycling teams choose Mojácar for their Winter training camps. The residents around the area are already used to seeing these elite riders on their roads and they are almost part of the landscape. Do you wonder why? In this post we have interviewed two international professional cyclists that will give us the key to why they choose this picturesque destination, specifically Servigroup.

In our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, Official headquarters of the Belguim Cycling Federation in Spain, we are already receiving the first groups of riders of the season.

At the end of January the Belgium and Dutch arrive from Kortweg Cycling Travel a Belgian agency specialising in cycling which organises stages for very specific destinations. These groups change on a weekly basis until the end of May, daily training involves group rides. Teams set up practise courses as if they were competing, totally equipped with (support vehicles, mechanics, carrying spare parts etc.).

Another regular at our Hotel is the official Rabobank team, whos youth and female team will enjoy our facilities during the first two months of the year. Needless to say, these teams are offered the most personal of services to the highest level year after year at the Servigroup Marina Playa.

Regular customers of the Marina Playa

Why Mojácar?

We spoke to Jan Almeye, professional belguim cyclist and manager of Kortweg, and with Piet Kuijs, great ex-rider and professional trainer of Rabobank, both have been extremely generous in granting us with an interview to explain why this destination is of great importance for cycling teams.

Jan reveals that –Mojácar will soon become one of the most popular cycling destinations in the future along side Mallorca y Calpe–. According Kortweg manager –no other area has low traffic density and excellent-quality roads.–

Piet Rabobank agrees that in Mojacar they find a  great diversity of routes for training. And he adds: –There are mountain roads but also long stretches of low traffic roads, and this makes a perfect combination for training. Besides the weather is so stable...– which makes  their  choice easy.

Professionals such as Piet and Jan, who know the area like the back of their hand, are fully aware that Mojácar has some what difficult terrain which makes it unique, the variety and contrast of its landscapes allows riders to change altitude quickly, allowing them to tackle challenging phases and then return comfortably back to the hotel to eat, rest, then go out again. Mojácar village is located at 152m above sea level, just 2,5km from the beach, with a 7,5km stretch of coastline. From our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, on the beach front of Mojácar Playa, their are a multitude of routes to enjoy, coastal, mountain or desert.

A good example is Sierra Cabrera, 15km from Mojácar, first grade port of over 200 points, APM coefficient has ramps 22% and a whole kilometre of 12,3%, nothing less.

Going back to the mentioned before, indeed the roads are excellent with Little traffic, plus the town hall and Civil Guard are always willing to assist them with whatever they need.

Jan lets us in on a secret ,his favourite route and one of the most popular routes, would start by departing from –Mojácar Playa to Cabo de Gata, climbing via Bédar (Sierra Cabrera) and combining with el Puerto de la Virgen (Sierra de los Filabres)– … ¡almost nothing!

Why Servigroup?

Jan Almeye has visited us with his cyclists since 2010 and mentions that apart from the top quality services that Servigroup offers, –the greatest advantage of Mojácar is having the opportunity of staying in a Hotel like the Marina Playa, with fantastic staff, and excellent installations,conference rooms, ample parking areas,and not to mention the great food. The management is improving year after year and evolves along side us.And of course the mutual trust which has been established in this business relationship from day one…

According to Kortweg website, cycling teams only stay in –hotels that are carefully selected for comfort, cleanliness, location, good food, customer services and secure bicycle storage

Piet Kuijs and Rabobank are the longest running guests, they have been staying at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa for the past 10 years.

The hotels location is wonderful– according to Piet. –We receive a very good Service and value for money, its perfect. The staff are very flexible, they accomadate us and are aware of our training schedules, all menus and services are adapted to our needs,–

He continues –We have total freedom to use all the hotels installations, such as fitness centre, we can use the kitchen to clean the cyclists water bottles, and have use of a private garaje for each team (which is perfect) connections to water and electricity also. The hotel is very obliging, what more could we ask for…

Both agree that their relationship with the hotel staff is excellent –they are always on hand to help, they make us feel at home–.

On the other hand, Jan Almeye says that in some way he is entrusting their business to our hotel, –it is especially important to see how our mutual guests are always attended to with maximum care by staff–.

According to Mavi Hernández, the manageress of Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, the cyclists are very clear; What they value most, apart form the weather and good roads, are our installations. –We have to take into account that these athletes Travel with a big entourage, and there is plenty of space provided for them, they have specific workshops, secure parking for bikes, cars, trucka and coaches with a diret supply of wáter and electricity. They also have conference rooms for team meetings, space for their own masseurs, Access to our Wellness centre, our kitchen offers flexible hours and adapts to the teams training times and follows the guidelines indicated by the teams dieticians.–

We greatly appreciate that Jan y Piet have taken the time to collaborate with us. If cycling is your passion, come and visit our installations in Mojácar, an experience not to missed, while dreaming about la Vuelta, el Giro o el Tour de France.

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