Jump into the water, participate in the swimming challenges in Benidorm

Summers here and thanks to the good temperatures it is more pleasant to practice certain sports, such as swimming in open water. Every day there are more people who enjoy this modality and the town of Benidorm is perfect for practicing events, due to the quality and tranquility of its waters.

Swim across the beaches of Benidorm to its island

As every year, the town of Benidorm will host the most varied and incredible swim crossings, included in the swim calendar 2018, circuits that you should not miss if you are in or around Benidorm throughout these special days, whether you want to participate and enjoy those intense moments in the water, or if you want to enjoy the show from the beach while encouraging the swimmers to finish their task.

Undoubtedly, you should take note of the proposals that we present below, so that you can live your passion for swimming in the open sea.


Swimming routes:

1. Crossing from the Levante beach

The Levante Beach Crossing, also known as Hearthbreak Crossing, and of which Servigroup hotels is a sponsor, consists of a circular circuit of 2900 m and will be held on July 15 at the Levante Beach in Benidorm.

The maximum time of the crossing will be 2 hours, from the start at the Torrejo square (old Town Hall of Benidorm) until the arrival at the same point of departure. Once in the race you must have passed the first section of the course (half) before the established cut-off time of 1 hour, in the case of not arriving in time the swimmer will be disqualified from the race.

The crossing is divided into 4 subcategories: Senior (from 18 to 29 years old), Master A (from 30 to 39 years old), Master B (from 40 to 49 years old) and Master C (from 50 years old and up).

After the effort, all the participants will be able to enjoy a Rock & Roll party in the famous beachfront pub Hearthbreak.


2. Popular swim circuit l’Illa-Port of Benidorm

On Sunday 26th of August You have an appointment with the Swimming Crossing L'Illa-Port de Benidorm and its circuit of 2 nautical miles.

The 350 participants will make the journey that will start at 07:00 h in the yacht club, where they will ride the boat, known as the swallow, to the Benidorm Island to start the swim that will take them to the Mal Pas beach.

There have been seventeen consecutive editions of this circuit with a high participation of men and women including people with disabilities, from various autonomous regions such as Madrid, the Basque Country, Murcia and Valencia, and also from other countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy or France.


3. Mediterranean Coast Challenge

Another date for your diary is September 30th where you have an appointment with the Mediterranean Coast Challenge, your open water challenge in Benidorm.

After the success of the two previous editions, the Mediterranean Coast crossing returns for you to enjoy the waters of Benidorm.

Depending on your experience you can choose between its 4 types. The 2.0 km Popular Crossing that goes from the Levante beach to the Mal Pas beach, the 5.5 km Mediterranean Crossing that goes from the island of Benidorm to the Mal Pas beach and the Mediterranean Prode Crossing 10 km whose route goes from the beach of Mal Pas to the Benidorm Island and returns to the starting point.

A challenge awaits you in Benidorm, where you can have a great time; In addition, the organizers have a program full of activities and visits to discover the area while enjoying the waters of Benidorm.


4. Ocean-man

The international Ocean-man open water circuit presents its competition on October 20th and 21st in Benidorm.

A swim in which both professional and amateur swimmers can participate in three different challenges. A 10 km long distance challenge, a 5.5 km half distance challenge and a 1.5 km popular race suitable for beginners.

This International championship reaches Benidorm after passing through Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Greece, Tabarca, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine, Valencia, Thailand and ending in November in Dubai with Ocean-man world Championship.

In this swimming race the best qualified of the previous challenges participate, although if you are a good swimmer and you want to reach your limit you can participate in any of the three distances that this circuit presents.

In its first edition, the Ocean-man reached a number of participants around 2,000 people in each of its challenges, thus becoming one of the best positioned socially and athletically; great swimmers participated in this journey, such as Héctor Ruiz, currently champion of Spain in open water or Federico Tamborrino, winner of the first Ocean-man.


Remember if on these dates you are at one of our hotels in Benidorm, do not forget your inescapable date with the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect combination of tourism and sport, so that you can enjoy swimming and beat your best records after training in the pool or the sea during the year.

So, this summer do not forget that your 2018 swimming challenges are waiting for you in Benidorm.

Prepare for the challenge and enjoy the sea!

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