Servigroup sponsors the Iberia Festival in Benidorm

This year the wait is somewhat longer but it will be worth it as the Iberia Festival has become a very popular part of the Benidorm’s music scene over a short period of time. Once again as in past festivals the most significant Spanish pop bands will be performing with the sponsorship of Servigroup Hotels.

Iberia Festival 2018 Programme in Benidorm

Last year you could enjoy the Iberia Festival in Benidorm to the rhythm of a classical and fun bands such as Hombres G, Los Estopa, as well as the legendary international band the Immaculate Fools that surprised the entire audience at the Julio Iglesias auditorium.

This year, the Iberia Festival 2018will not leave you indifferent, two unforgettable nights of music.

Iberia Festival Concerts in Benidorm

And if last year the festival regained part of its original essence, returning to two days, the seventh edition will not disappoint, a date not to be missed in October 2018.

And it will be Tequila, Coque Malla, Jaime Urritia, and Café Quijano this year, the main headliners during the evenings of the 12th and 13th October. Spanish pop-rock at its best.


Jaime Urrutia

Photo’s Jaime Urrutia New single

Although he is well known for being the soul of one of the groups that marked Spanish pop of the 80s and 90s, Jaime Urrutia began his musical career in the mid-70s. He was part of several bands, such as Rigor Mortis, Los Drugos and Ejecutivos Agresivos, making his own mark on what was popularly known as the movida madrileña that revolutionised the musical panorama and fashion.

During the first part of his career, Urrutia offered a more aggressive pop-rock which was popular during this time. But it didn’t take long for to reinvent his career and this influenced the type of music he wrote, he wanted to offer a fresher type of pop music, with an original sound influenced by tinges of folk. That’s how the group Gabinete Caligari was born.

After themes such as Olor a Carne quemada, ¿Cómo perdimos Berlin? and Golpes, came some of musics great classics that form part of the history of Spanish pop. We are talking about Cuatro Rosas, Al calor del amor en un bar and Más dura será la caída.

The theme Cuatro Rosas caught the attention of the Rolling Stone magazine, which chose it as one of the 200 best pop rock songs written to date, specifically in 16th place.

In 1987 their popularity increased thanks to a new album entitled Camino Soria. That’s where the classics came from, such as the title track for their LP, as well as La sangre de tu tristeza, Suite Nupcial, and Tócala Uli. The latter was composed in homage to the saxophonist Ulises Montero, a former member of the band who died a year earlier.

At the beginning of the 90s, Gabinete Caligari maintained its popularity thanks to compositions such as Sólo se vive una vez, Amor de Madre, La culpa fue del cha-cha-cha and Lo mejor de ti.

In 1999 the band separates and Jaime Urrutia prepared his first solo album, Patente de corso, remaining constant in the music scene thanks to his concert tours in which he interpreted his own songs and some of Gabinete greatest hits, whilst still remaining popular with Spanish pop music lovers. In fact, his album Camino Soria returned after a new remastered edition which was published this spring.

Do not miss this great opportunity to watch Urrutia live in the Julio Iglesias Auditorium on the 12thof October.



Tequila Group in Concert

If there is an original group to enjoy, then this has to be the formation called Tequila.

The band was created in the mid-70s, which were influenced by the most classic rock and roll stars such as Jerry Lee Lewis, The Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry. This is how Ariel Rot, Alejo Stivel, Julián Infante, Felipe Lipe and the late Manolo iglesias, came to stardom with songs such as Salta, Rock & Roll en la plaza del pueblo, Mira esa chica and El Rock del ascensor. Some authentic anthems that could be heard in bars, discotheques, and of course, played frequently in Madrid’s well-known concert venues.

At the time of the groups formation, all the members were around 20 years old, and also marked a trend by always wearing their own casual and unique shirts, leather jackets which very typical of the time and unusual trousers which were ahead of a trend more typical of the then coming 80s.

They themselves have commented on several occasions that they began playing gigs locally around Madrid. And although they separated in the early 80s, there have been several reunions to record new songs.

In 2008 they reunited to remaster and re-record their classic songs, releasing a new version of Que el tiempo no te cambie, and an original video that broke records in downloads and visualizations on Youtube.

Since then, their tours in Spain and Latin America are frequent, and for this reason our renewed Iberia Festival 2018 have decided to count on them. The talented artist Ariel Rot has already shown all his charisma before on the stage of the Iberia Festival, as a special guest of a small concert that was called Poker de Guitarras. On this occasion, Rot will return to Iberia with his great companions Tequila. Do not miss their participation in this year’s Iberia Festival on Saturday 13th October.


Coque Malla

Coque Malla Concert

Another of the great figures of Spanish pop that originates from an historical band is the great Coque Malla, which we met in the second half of the 80s and is well known for his charismatic songs that he recorded with his group Los Ronaldos.

Son of the actor and theatre director Gerardo Malla, and the actress Amparo Valle, Coque has always had a passion for art. Maybe this is why he combined for a short time his clear vocation for music, with some appearances on the big screen. He played a major role alongside Penélope Cruz in the film Todo es mentira, before she became an international star. He also participated in other productions such as El efecto mariposa, La leyenda de Baltasar el castrado, Nada en la Nevera and Gente en sitios, his last film collaboration was in 2013.

Musically, he has collaborated with great international stars such as Rubén Blades and Los Rodríguez and has managed to stand out with a solo career in which the magic of his compositions, accompanied by a smooth and elegant sound, has brought him back to today’s audiences.

It was in 2010 when a classic theme of Los Ronaldos, No puedo vivir sin ti, reappeared on the scene and caught the eye of the media. For this reason, IKEA acquired the rights to the song and made it the central theme of a new campaign that appeared on television. The brand BMW also chose to do the same, choosing La hora de los gigantes as the theme of its 2016 campaign, for their series 1 tourism.

Remember that if you are one of those who felt this particular adrenaline rush when listening to the songs Estás haciendo mal, Idiota or Saca la lengua, you can not miss Coque Malla at the Iberia Festival on the 13th October.


Café Quijano

Café Quijano Music Group

Among the great hosts of this Iberia Festival 2018, perhaps the group that make music with a very distinctive style are the group from Leon called Café Quijano. The group is composed of three brothers Manuel, Óscar and Raúl Quijano. A Project that was founded in 1996 with a promotional theme which they presented in Teatro Emperador in León. The attention received by the public and some members from the recording company Warner, landed them with a recoding contract and their first album appeared 2 years later.

Café Quijano contributed to the national music scene with a fresh sound, catchy and elegant tunes. A combination of music trends that led to a massive national tour. Also, important figures such as Joaquín Sabina, Armando Manzanero, Raphael and even Celine Dion were attracted by their unmistakable style, which led to some outstanding collaborations.

Some of their most famous hits so far are La Lola, Nada de na and Loco de amor.

After a short break where Raúl Quijano began his solo career, the band reunited in 2010, continuing until this present day.

They have also received an important number of awards, such as the Premios Amigo, the premio Ondas, Premio de la Música and el Premio Turismo de Castilla y León, among others. In addition, they have been nominated for the Grammy Latinos, awards that have been awarded to great artists such as Luis Miguel, Shakira, David Bisbal and Ricky Martin.

If you want to enjoy a fun, and relaxed atmosphere, on the 12th October Café Quijano will be waiting for you in Benidorm.


The beginnings of the Iberia Festival

Rock Performances Iberia Festival

The Iberia Festival emerged in 2013 with the objective of bringing a cast of artists and musical groups from the national pop-rock scene to Benidorm.

Javier Ferrándiz, the head and creator of the Iberia Festival, said, it was not a meeting of Spanish bands from the 80s and 90s, although it is true that during the first years, the festival focused especially on these type of classic formations.

Loquillo show at Iberia Festival

Legends such as Loquillo, Jaime Urrutia, and famous groups such as Los Rebeldes, M-Clan, La Frontera and Nacha Pop, delighted audiences in Benidorms Bullring.

Therefore, the Iberia Festival was initially aimed at a somewhat older public. The same ones that enjoyed this type of music during the 80s. But over the years it has also focused on more current formations, which is why the type of audience this festival attracts is now changing.


The trajectory of the Iberia Festival

Dani Martín performance at the Iberia Festival 2014

In 2014 which was the second edition, also with the helping hand of Servigroup Hotels, this festival included leading artists such as Dani Martín, La Unión, Los Rebeldes, La Orquesta Mondragón, Seguridad Social, La Guardia, Los Secretos, La Frontera and Danza Invisible.

As we mentioned before, the mini guitar concert was created and named Poker de guitarras, bringing together great figures from legendary groups, to perform in a small concert that appeals to all ages. A mixed age group attended to see the likes of Dani Martín. Poker de Guitarras was made up of Jaime Urrutia (Gabinete Caligari), Ariel Rot (Tequila), Jorge Ilegal (Ilegales) and Santiago Campillo (Tam Tam Go).

Hombres G Concert at the Iberia Festival Benidorm

In 2015 the third edition included stars such as Rosario, Ilegales, Kiko Veneno, Siniestro Total, La Unión, Toreros Muertos and Rosendo.

In 2016 the format of the Iberia Festival was changed, and it focused on the great classical bands, such Hombres G, Duncan Dhu and La Frontera. But in addition, the place where the event was normally held also changed, passing from Benidorms bullring to the Julio Iglesias auditorium. Another important detail was the date when the event was held, which passed over to the month of August. Even with all these changes, it was a brilliant edition, where holiday makers aswell as locals enjoyed a fantastic night.

Performance Iberia Festival in Benidorm

In 2017, although the summer date was maintained, it returned to a two-day format which included for the first time an Anglo-saxon band called Immaculate Fools. A band that at the end of the 80s revolutionized the European musical panorama, and almost 30 years later were still in excellent form, to the delight of their loyal followers.

But in addition to the British band, Hombres G, Estopa, Loquillo, Seguridad Social and Pistones also made their appearance on the big stage.

The End of Concert

Remember that if you have planned a trip to Benidorm in October, tickets are available for the Iberia Festival on its website. A new Iberia Festival with the participation of the group lead by Germán Copini, Golpes Bajos, as well as lots of other surprises.

We are ready for this long-awaited event, and we want you to enjoy this two-day festival to the maximum with your favourite classic bands.


We will be there, What about you?


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