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Hotel Servigroup Romana

Entertainment Servigroup Hotel Romana

At the Hotel Romana we love families! It is one of the most family-orientated hotels in Alcoceber, it is surrounded by a natural and very quiet environment ideal for traveling with children.

The animation of the hotel is characterized by its wide variety, for parents and children to have fun during their stay, entertainment is guaranteed for everyone.

The hotel facilities and the program, developed by the animation team, covers fun for the little ones, the peace of mind of the parents and family games to share quality time together.

Coinciding with the school holidays, the friendly mascot Delfi is going to spend his holidays at the hotel and play with his friends, so the children's entertainment intensifies on these dates.

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What does the animation of the Hotel Romana consist of?

Year after year the program is perfected, intensifying during the high season, with the most influx of guests to the hotel. The successes of previous seasons remain in the animation program but by incorporating new surprises, this helps to make each stay unique

During the school holidays

Club Delfi is the favourite place for children!

The little ones of the house will have a children's entertainment program catering for them, accompanied by their great friend the dolphin Delfi and his entire team of entertainers, they will be able will participate in a lot of games and educational workshops.

You will be able to rest, with complete peace of mind, as your children will be super happy playing at Club Delfi with other children. Every year new games and artistic activities are added while those that are more successful are kept season after season.

Club Delfi Romana Hotel
All season

Adult entertainment

For all those couples faithful to the Hotel Romana and the parents who take the opportunity to have fun while their children play with Delfi, we have prepared the most fun filled activities.

The most successful activities at the hotel such as beach volleyball or soccer matches, aqua gym or aqua basket, and darts or ping pong tournaments will continue to be star activities in our adult program.

But we also add new surprises every year, we can only tell you that they will revolve around your physical and mental health and you will love them.

Adult entertainment Hotel Romana
All season

Have fun with the whole family!

As it should be in such a family hotel, parents and children will enjoy a program for the whole family.

Surely you already know about the traditional sandcastle competitions on the beach or the family battle of the balloon, but these and other fun activities are waiting for you ... take part in the family day or dare to face the challenge of our Escape Room.

Family Fun Hotel Romana
All season

And at night... night-time shows!

To end the day in the best way, on the hotel terrace you can enjoy a fantastic evening with live music.

The most fun nights of Alcoceber for everyone, with their own animation for the children in the mini-disco and the funniest theme parties with battles of "Parents VS Children", or "Entertainers VS Clients".

Soirée spectacle Hôtel Romana
Children's facilities

Children's area

On your family visit to Alcoceber you will have within your reach facilities at the hotel itself designed for your children.

We have two swimming pools, one of which is only open during school holidays and has a splash area for young children, a playground and a recreational area with board games.

Do you dare to play a game of pool or table tennis with your children on your next holiday? They will surely want to return.

Children's area Hotel Romana
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