The Tourist train

There’s something charming about travelling by train, the romance of rail travel provides an interesting and also an alternative way of travelling. The train is one oldest means of transport, enjoy the landscapes through the panoramic windows as you slowly move along, a fun means of transportation.

If you are on holiday and want to discover things to see in Peñíscola or want to explore Benidorm we can highlyrecommend you take advantage of the tourist trains, an easy and fun way of travelling around whilst taking in the views.

Benidorm tourist train itinerary

Excursions by train offer a new vision of these towns, which you can discover first-hand at your own pace; enjoy the panoramic views of Benidorm and Peñiscola, there is an audio Service available in various languages. Discover more about Benidorms and Peñiscolas history and their most interesting spots.


The tourist train in Peñíscola

If you are on holiday in Peñíscola, do not hesitate to take an excursion by train with the tourist train routes around Peñíscola, with which you can get to know the famous town of the Papa Luna and its hidden charms.

Discover the town with the Peñíscola City Tour that also has a Hop-on Hop-off Service where you can get on and off the train as many times as you want to discover Peñíscola at your own pace.

Enjoy the varied train itineraries available in Peñíscola, aswell as its double routes, where you will see the most interesting places in Peñiscola.

1. Route Cerromar: The route begins in the Cerromar Urbanization, located in the southern part of Peñíscola, from where we can observe magnificent panoramic views from the mountain to Peñíscolas Castle; then descend the other side of the mountain to the southern part of the coast, where you can enjoy its cliffs and coves, the Sierra de Irta and la Ermita de San Antonio.

2. Route Atalayas: On this route we will visit the highest residential area in Peñíscola from where we will observe the fantastic views of the coast, Villa de Peñíscola and Castillo del Papa Luna, as well as some of the most imposing houses in the area.

3. Route Sierra de Irta: We start he route bordering the river to the southern area of Peñíscola, from here we will follow along the coast line bordering bays and cliffs, until we reach la Sierra de Irta. We will make a 5min stop at a beautiful natural cove where we can take pictures with the Castillo Papa Luna in the background. The route finishes back at the main stop.

4. Route Villa de Peñíscola: Departure from the North coast, along the promenade, towards the centre Peñismar and Peñismar II. We will return along the coast, bordering the coastline, the fishing port and the south beach to the main stop.


Peñíscola Tourist train times

Tourist train City Tour Peñíscola

Routes around Peñíscola start at 10:00h in the morning until 13:30h and in the afternoon from 15:30h until 19:00h and last around 40 minutes approximately. (In the summer the times, starting around 17:00h and extending until midnight.

The main stop, where you can pick up the Peñíscola city tour is located in the Av. Papa Luna nº5, in front of our Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna.

Take advantage of this fun way of exploring Peñíscola.


Tourist train prices in Peñíscola

Excursions by train in Peñíscola

Discover Peñíscola and all its charm, take a fun trip on the Peñíscola Tourist Train City Tour.

prices* as follows:

2 itineraries’: (2x1 tickets on 2 itineraries’ from 1st of July until 15th of September) Adult Price from 7,5€, senior price from 4,5€ (pensioners) and child’s price from 4,5€ (from 3 to 12 years)

Hop-On Hop-Off 2 days: Hop on hop off freely during 2 days, (valid from the day you redeem your ticket until the following day) Adult price from 10€, Child and senior price from 7€.

Hop-On Hop-Off 3 days: Hop on hop off freely during 3 days (valid from the day you redeem your ticket and the following 2 days) Adult price 15€, Child and senior price from 9€.

The tourist train in Peñíscola is adapted for persons with mobility problems, and pushchairs and guide dogs are also welcome on board.

*Prices and times may vary, please check our official website for updated information.


The tourist train in Benidorm

Tourist train Benidorm Train Vision

If you are in Benidorm we recommend sightseeing with the tourist train Benidorm Train Vision. The most complete and official train route around the town of Benidorm, there are 2 different routes available.

1. Playa de Levante route:

The departure point commences at the (24 H Pharmacy) on the Mediterranean avenue opposite Festilandia which is also along the (Mediterranean Ave) and from the c/ Oslo. Stops are located very close to the Servigroup CalypsoServigroup Nereo and Rialto hotel in Benidorm.

On this Tour you will travel along Av. Mediterraen where therealot of shops and businesses, the continue along the Levante Beach front, one of most important beaches of the Valencian Community, where you can enjoy its beautiful beach, cable ski and great ambience, to continue climbing towards Sierra Helada and visit la Cruz de Benidorm, to finally return to the Av. Mediterranean, back to the starting point. We highly recommend you choose this particular route at night during the summer months, when Benidorm’s magical lights -light up the Skyline.

2. Playa Poniente route:

The poniente beach train route begins at the stop located on the Av. Jaime I, very close to our Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada, and has its a second stop at c/ Luis Prendres.

On this tour you will visit Poniente Beachfront, where you will enjoy its beautiful promenade, the views of the isla de Benidorm and la cala de Benidorm, as well as visiting the most emblematic buildings in Benidorm such as the edificio Intempo,or visit the beautiful viewpoints of which can be seen from the c/Oviedo, to finally return through the area of  Folletes to the starting point.


Tourist train timetable in Benidorm

Travel by train in Benidorm

Enjoy your holidays and take advantage of the tourist train, with different timetable possibilities offered by Benidorm Train Vision. The tours last approximately 45minutes and a great way of discovering Benidorm, from Monday to Sunday 365 days a year.

Timetables vary in the spring and in the summer the tours are available up until 01.00 in the morning.

Daily departure times playa Levante route:

- Av. Mediterráneo stop:


10:15h - 11:15h - 12:15h - 13:15h


16:15h - 17:15h - 18:15h - 19:15h

- Av. Mediterráneo (Festilandia) stop:


10:25h - 11:25h - 12:25h - 13:25h


16:25h - 17:25h - 18:25h - 19:25h

- C/ Oslo stop:


10:45h - 11:45h - 12:45h - 13:45h (sin regreso)


16:45h - 17:45h - 18:45h


Daily departure times playa Poniente route:

- Av. Jaume I stop:


10:15h - 11:15h - 12:15h - 13:15h


16:15h - 17:15h - 18:15h - 19:15h

- C/ Luis Prendres stop:


10:35h - 11:35h - 12:35h - 13:35h (sin regreso)


16:35h - 17:35h - 18:35h


Benidorm tourist train prices

Enjoy sightseeing on the tourist train, a fun and economical way of getting to know Benidorm.

The prices* per route are adults from: 5.50€, Senior from 4€ (from 65 years) and children from 3€ (from 3 to 12 years).

Likewise, the Benidorm Tourist train is adapted for people with reduced mobility on the train along the Levante, pushchairs and small dogs are welcome.

*Prices and times may vary, please check our official website for more information.


Train travel is fun for all ages, but if you are on holiday in Peñíscola or Benidorm with children the tourist train is a must. Enjoy this easy and comfortable way to travel around your holiday town.

Route in Peñíscola

If you are holidaying in any of our Servigroup Hotels in Benidorm or in Peñíscola take a ride around the area by train.

Choose a fun an alternative way of exploring these towns.

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