Are you looking for a different kind of paradise near Benidorm? Come to the Lighthouse at Albir

How would you like to enjoy one of the most pleasant and idyllic areas in the province of Alicante? If so we recommend a route of minimum difficulty, very short and with a dreamlike view, which is very accessible, as it is less than 10 minutes from Benidorm.

At the top of El Albir, the coastal hamlet of Alfaz del Pi, you have at your fingertips the popular Faro del Albir (Albir Lighthouse), one of the most beautiful lighthouses of Alicante. If you decide to visit, you will be in front of a paradisiacal place well known not only for its history, but also for its popular access road, its spectacular panoramas and also for its authentic geological monuments.

This pleasant walk, which barely exceeds 2 kilometres, ends at the lighthouse. If you decide to go to the top, you can see the lifestyle of how people worked and lived in this mystical lighthouse. This undoubtedly historic monument is today a reflection of the life of these mythical sea farers.

Where exactly is the lighthouse road?

If you decide to visit the Albir Lighthouse and your starting point is Benidorm, it will be very easy to get there by the N-332 road towards Valencia, then leaving it in the direction of El Albir Beach. Once you arrive, continue to the main avenue in Albir until you find a roundabout where you should turn right. Follow the road in a straight line until you see an avenue with many parked cars, which you will recognize without problems. This is the official free parking that is used especially for visitors to the lighthouse, which is at the beginning of the route.

This is situated at the highest point of El Albir, and at the same time in one of the most essential points of the north of the Nature Park of Sierra Helada, just above a popular urbanization of bungalows, chalets and apartments.

Another option you have is to take a bus to Albir, although the road takes a different route. You will come in at the South point of the beach and then have to cross a road that brings you to a series of coves until arriving at the beginning of the route.

Right there, you will find an information point, always recommended so that you do not miss any details. Another option you have to inform yourself is to consult the information panels that are right next to the information hut, which are very clear whichever itinerary you decide to choose.


The route to the lighthouse

Visits to the lighthouse of El Albir are common practice throughout any season of the year, although they are recommended more in spring and autumn, due to the milder temperatures, thus making the walks much more pleasant. Even so, in summer the route does not stop being perfect if you decide to combine it with bathing stops at the cosy and paradisiacal coves.

The route to the legendary lighthouse is ideal for those who enjoy activities such as running or bike riding, as its perfect tarmacked road makes it ideal as well as comfortable for practicing sport. That is why it is a magnificent area which can be shared among sportsmen, people walking with dogs and tourists with their cameras, as the panoramic views to El Albir and the bay of Altea really are idyllic.

In addition, there are also beautiful views of the popular Peñón de Ifach (famous Rock) of Calpe, plus the Puig Campana and the Sierra de Bernia mountain ranges.

This authentic wonder of the province of Alicante is also totally suitable if you want to go with children. In fact it is very common to visit the lighthouse with the little ones accompanied by their bikes, skates, or scooters, which, makes the whole journey much more fun. 

Vistas desde el camino de El Faro de El Albir

Although it is a relatively short route with gentle slopes, you can always take various breaks in any of its rest areas, which include viewing points, benches or just small seating areas that you will find along the way. There is also a popular picnic area, which you will find right at the beginning of the trail. 

Along the route, you can also see how the striking pine trees stand out among the rich and varied flora, all this makes a spectacular point of contrast to the panoramic views of the sea.

The walk is so easy that you soon realize that you are crossing a beautiful tunnel that will lead you to the last phase of the way.


The Ocre Mines and the Whales Mouth

When you are at the final stretch, just before reaching the desired goal, you are able to do a detour and contemplate the popular Ocre Mines of Albir, as well as the striking Boca de la Balena (Whales mouth).

The Mines of Ocre are a natural work with a historical value of great importance. Evidence has been found that they were explored by the Phoenicians and the Romans. And although the extraction of ochre has undergone great parentheses, they were also mines worked in the middle of the last century, ceasing its activity definitively in the decade of 1970.

To descend to the mines, you will find two routes. Also, below you can find the popular cove of the Ocre mines. Therefore, if you do the tour in summer, a swim stop and a sunbathe are more than recommended.

El faro de El Albir visto desde lo alto

From the same road, and also in the last section you will be struck by a famous and peculiar cave known as the Boca de la Balena. This geological work will impress you, if you accede to its interior by the peculiarity of its structure and its attractive aesthetic.

Actually the lighthouse route is a worthwhile visit.

Are you up for it?

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