Presentation of diplomas to the students of Manizales who have and are completing their tourism practical in Benidorm

Once again, the collaboration between Hoteles Servigroup and the National Service of Learning, SENA, which is attached to the, Ministry of Labour of the Government of Colombia, has paid off with the formation of six new students in the hotels that the company has in Benidorm.

The six students received their accrediting diplomas last Monday, 9th December, at the Town Hall. Specifically, two baristas and four kitchen technicians have been trained: Maribel Amaya Amaya, Maria Jose Morales Gil, Valeria Sánchez Torres, who have already completed the cycle; and Felipe Ferrucho González, Víctor Alfonso Botero Duque and David Cardona Galeano, who have just started training.

In the act, held at the Mayor's Office, was the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, the Image and Communication director of the Servigroup hotel chain, Natalia Caballé, the attorney for Servigroup, Jaime Llorca, and those responsible for the training were also present.

Act of presentation of diplomas SENA

For Servigroup Hotels, the objective of these training programs is to strengthen technical and technological training, immersed in the needs of the worlds culture in tourism, hospitality, customer service, gastronomy and tourist services to favor their growth and competitiveness as students. With this aim, Servigroup Hotels wants to provide learning and internship opportunities in training areas of the hotel and tourism sector to students from various Colombian academic institutions, seeking their professional improvement and the development of their personal skills with which to enhance their labor inclusion in their country.

Thus, through this professional training program, effective since 2012, the hotel group Servigroup welcomes Colombian students and offers its facilities in Benidorm for visiting students to improve their knowledge in different areas of the tourism sector.

Tourism and hotel sector training

During the presentation of the diplomas, the mayor of Benidorm thanked Servigroup Hotels for its commitment to the city and tourism in general by promoting and collaborating in various sports and cultural initiatives, to which this academic initiative is also included, which materializes through an international professional training agreement that is reinforced every year with the Colombian academic organizations of the Caldas Region.

Selfie in the presentation of diplomas to the students of Manizales

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