Hotels with car chargers for electric cars

One aspect that most worries owners of electric cars or hybrid cars when planning a holiday is knowing where they can find charging points throughout their trip. 

Therefore, we have decided to make a pledge for this new technology in the mobility sector and contribute our little grain of sand to the environment. We begin a new path committed to our surroundings, adapting our services and facilities to the needs of our new “green customers” who travel with a more sustainable and environmentally committed vision, helping to reduce CO2 emissions with these new vehicles.

In our determined committment to sustainability and the care of our different destinations, we have installed charging points for electric cars in some of our hotels.

List of hotels with charging stations for electric vehicles:

Charging point for electric cars

Not sure what an electric car is?

Electric cars haven’t been on the market for very long, years ago they were called “the cars of the future” but there are already some pioneers who have opted for this new, much greener model of transport. This type of vehicle runs entirely on electricity, the supply comes from its batteries instead of using petrol or diesel, hence the importance of having access to charging points when planning a trip.

Charging point for electric vehicles

There is also another type of model called the “hybrid car”, this type of car functions using both a combustion engine as well as electricity. So when the electricity charge runs out or the engine doesn’t have enough electrical power, it changes to use diesel just like conventional cars. It’s not a 0% pollution option like electric vehicles, but it certainly pollutes much less than conventional modes of transport.


Why are we investing in charging points at our hotels?

Charging points are an option that offer clients who have electric cars or plug-in hybrids greater comfort throughout their stay at the hotel as they can charge their car while they sleep without having to worry about looking for charging points near to the hotel.

It’s worth mentioning that charging points appear on GPS navigators, so all drivers of electric cars can see the exact locations. Charging stations are universal, so any electric vehicle can charge without any problem.

Hotels with electric charging points

We live in an ever-evolving world, which a few years ago seemed like a very distant future, today it’s in our hands. We are sure that many of you have already opted for household appliances that are less environmentally harmful or you prefer to use renewable energy.

Here at Servigroup, we will continue to implement new charging stations at our other hotels in other resorts in order to promote sustainability, but above all, to make our customers’ stay as comfortable as possible.

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