Are you looking for a plan for this weekend in Benidorm? The Great Circus Maximus has arrived!

The capital of the Costa Blanca is a city full of surprises surrounded by innumerable attractions that always surprise and finds ways to make us tremble with joy. During the month of September, the neighboring town of Villajoyosa, less than ten minutes from our beloved Benidorm, hosts the celebration of the Great Circus Maximus to the delight of residents and visitors, offering an authentic journey through time. Do you really want to miss it?

Undoubtedly, it is a unique opportunity to go back to the splendor of the Roman Empire and relive the gladiatorial deeds that took place in these Levantine lands more than two thousand years ago. A truly unique show!

Horse racing

What are you going to discover in the Great Circus Maximus?

The Great Circus Maximus of Villajoyosa is a great recreation of the quintessential spectacle of the Ancient World created several millennia ago by the Roman Emperors and that today continues to raise expectations. An ideal adventure for the whole family that combines gladiatorial battles, horse races, games of skill, dances of priestesses anointed by the gods and a good dose of humor that accompany the long-suffering slaves on their way to victory.

Plus, it's an interactive show! The gladiators are grouped into two teams and each of the attendee’s cheer on their team positioning themselves on the winner's side, when leaving the Colosseum unscathed. The game has only just begun.

Horse through a ring of fire

When is the Grand Circus Maximus held?

Throughout this month of September, every Saturday at 9:30 p.m. a new session of the Roman circus is held that fills the spectacular Coliseum, built for this purpose in the Villajoyosa countryside, with life. Take advantage and arrive a little earlier, since from 8:00 p.m. the surrounding areas are filled with a festive atmosphere, ideal for having a drink and taking a selfie with the gladiators.

And the night does not end here! After the show, gladiators and spectators can share an authentic Roman evening enjoying a great banquet enlivened with the dances of the priestesses of Vesta. You will also be able to travel through your palate!


Where can I get my tickets?

You can get tickets online here or buy them directly at the entrance of the Colosseum. The normal tickets cost €10.30, although if you stay for dinner the cost will be somewhat higher. 

Trick for lovers of ancient Rome! If you go dressed as a patrician, emperor, gladiator or priestess you can enjoy special discounts on your tickets.

Gladiator in the Great Circus Maximus

How to get there from Benidorm?

The Gran Circus Maximus of Villajoyosa is located less than 10 minutes by car from Benidorm, very close to the N-332. From the city of skyscrapers, just take any of the roads heading south and take the Villajoyosa Centro exit. 

The exact address is Partida Piletes 26. It can be easily reached from the center of Villajoyosa from Calle Calvario, just after crossing the Old Bridge of Villajoyosa from the historic center, and continue for several kilometers.

Roman chariot race

So now you know! If you are looking for a different plan for this weekend to enjoy with your family, stay at any of our 9 hotels in Benidorm and go discover the Gran Circus Maximus. Travel back in time and live the most special Saturday night!

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