Forestal Park La Nucia, a family adventure day

The multi-adventure Forestal Park, offers a combination of sports and leisure activities surrounded by nature and aimed at all ages. For more than 5 years this adventure park has been accredited, where all kinds of sports activities are distributed over various circuits, based on their level of difficulty.

A family get-together, a couple’s day out or simply enjoying a parent-child day. Any occasion is a great excuse to join forces and overcome together all the trials that you will face.

La Nucia Forestal Park

Forestal Park has 5 adventure parks distributed throughout Spain, situated in Santander, Madrid, Bilbao and La Nucia. At this park, the visitor is always the star attraction, practicing sports with the family, a group of friends or even on their own if what they need is to escape from day to day life and forget about the stresses with a rush of adreline.


What is Forestal Park?

The Forestal Park in La Nucia offers 50.000 square metres of action, zip-wires and suspension bridges. Following its expansion in 2018, the park now offers more than 1.500 metres of zip- wires.

The expansion has given the area different levels of terrain, which has resulted in the zip-wires now being higher and longer, surpassing even 300metres in length and 10 metres in height. To make it even more fun, double zip-wires have been incorporated, so thrill-seekers can race each other.

In total, there are 8 new zip-wires where users can pass from one to another until they complete the “Zip-Wire Park”. One of the main attractions is the “Tarzan Swing” a 9 metre high zip-wire that concludes with a “spiders web” net, where you will rely on your skill to climb to the top of a tree and pass the test.

Choose the circuit that best suits your needs, such as the family circuit or maybe a sports circuit for the more daring.

Family Circuit

Families that opt for a plan full of fun and nature can choose the “Family Circuit” which is made up of 4 different curses that increase in difficulty and height. The circuits consist of suspension bridges, walkways, Tibetan bridges and nets. With more than 25 crossings and 4 zip- wires including the massive zip-wire of more than 200 metres.

Multi-adventure Park Forestal Park

Sport Circuit

If you are looking to put your body and skills to the test, the “Sports Circuit” will provide you with more sensations, height and excitement. It consists of a circuit with a total of 15 games, that increase as you progress in height and difficulty. In this circuit you will find the 300 metre long double zip-wire where you can compete against your rivals. And as a grand finale to a unique day, you must face the great “Tarzan Swing”. Get ready to jump into oblivion... A totally unique experience.


Where is the La Nucia Forestal Park?

Forestal Park La Nucia is situated on the Carrer de Guadalest (03530 La Nucia, Alicante) 8 kilometres from Benidorm, just 15 minutes by car. The park has private parking exclusive for customers.

In addition, Forestal Park La Nucia offers a transport service to the park. Transport is offered with ticket purchases. Choose a pick-up point in Benidorm that suits you best and make sure you take everything with you for different kind of day out filled with excitement.

You can also take the Benidorm - La Nucia bus service to the park.


Forestal Park La Nucia opening times

Opening times for the adventure park “Forestal Park” La nucia are as follows: 


10:00h - 12:30h


18:00h - 22:00h

12:30h is the latest time for circuits.


Tariffs and prices

At Forestal Park La Nucia all activities have been created for all ages and do not require optimum physical fitness.

There are different rates for children and adults, prices range between 15 and 25 euros and there are discounts for groups. The larger the group the cheaper the price per person to enjoy this adventure park.

Feel just like Indiana Jones. What are you waitng for?

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