The North Beach of Peñíscola and its blue paths

Peñíscola has become an essential point on the tourist map during the summer. Faithful to this beautiful spot, there are many who come from all corners of Spain to enjoy its fantastic beaches, its charming historic center and that unmistakable Mediterranean atmosphere that is embedded into every inch of its 17 kilometers of coastline. No one can resist falling in love with this charming fishing village!

But today we want you to know a little more about the famous North Beach of Peñíscola, the great natural treasure of the municipality that extends at the foot of the Papa Luna Castle and that still reserves some sections to explore. It seems incredible that being so close to the Hotel Papa Luna you have not yet discovered the Blue Dune Path of the North Beach of Peñíscola. ¿Are you ready to re visit?

North Beach of Peñiscola

What are the blue trails?

 The Blue Paths Network emerged as an initiative promoted and developed by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC). Its main objective is to reward, through the designation as Sendero Azul, the recovery and enhancement of pathways, trails and signaled routes linked to the sea throughout the Spanish territory, which have become interesting resources for environmental interpretation and in settings to enjoy nature.

In 2022 there have been 86 routes awarded with this seal, adding a total of 500 kilometers of paths by the sea. Among them, some that are closely linked to Servigroup Hotels stand out, such as the Romana Beach Path, which passes in front of the Hotel Romana in Alcocéber, or the Sierra de Irta Path, between Peñíscola and Alcoceber. Not to mention the Paseo del Faro, in Oropesa del Mar, where we offer you the Hotel Koral Beach, or the Path that joins the innumerable beaches of Orihuela and that surrounds the Hotel La Zenia. But today we are dealing with the route of the Penismar dune system, on the North Beach of Peñíscola, and then we are going to break it down for you.

Marshes of Peñíscola

The North Beach of Peñíscola

This immense sandy area of more than 5 kilometers extends from the old town of Peñíscola to the neighboring town of Benicarló and is, without a doubt, one of the beaches par excellences of the Costa de Azahar.

Its bay shape, thanks to the Papa Luna Castle, gives its waters a quite calm, despite being an open beach, making it a great place to visit with the family and enjoy the sea safely. Its quality white fine sand and the bringing together of all kinds of services have led it to achieve Blue Flag recognition. But that's not all, the municipality also has a Blue Center, recognized by the same entity, in the Museo del Mar, which contributes to extolling the ecological value of the area by bringing it closer to the general public.

The beach has hotels such as the Papa Luna, shops and restaurants, which separate it from another beautiful area to stroll such as the Peñíscola marshes. An area of wetlands formerly attached to the beach that serves as a refuge for many birds and other native species. It is a pleasure for the senses to cross this area through its system of wooden walkways that complement the Blue Dune Path of North Beach.

North Beach Dunes

The Blue Path of the Penismar dune system

 At the north end of the beach, next to the Peñismar urbanization, is the Peñíscola Blue Path, made up of about a kilometer of walkways installed on the dune ridge that is barely preserved and that serves as a witness to the past of this beach, when a sea of dunes was in charge of delimiting it. Currently, only a small extension remains in the recovery phase, for which this itinerary is a great ally.

Among the mounds of sand, samples of Mediterranean shrubs can be seen that serve as a habitat for the ocellated lizard, a species native to the area that can be observed, especially in the late afternoon.


Blue Path Walkway

How to get there from the Papa Luna hotel

A simple walk along the boardwalk separates the Papa Luna Hotel from Peñíscola's Sendero Azul (Blue route). The best way to get there is to walk the 2 kilometers that separate us from the dune ridge, but you can always take the car and drive north without leaving the sea until reaching the Peñismar urbanization. In front of its buildings are the dunes.

If you are an early riser, do not miss the opportunity to take this walk at dawn and enjoy the incomparable palette of colours that dyes the North Beach of Peñíscola to the rhythm of the first light of day.

Sunrise from the beach

Now you know! There is always a new reason to return to Peñíscola. A place full of corners that turn each stay into an unforgettable experience. We are waiting to welcome you at the Hotel Papa Luna this summer and enjoy the sea by our side. See you soon!

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