The 5 best Museums to visit in Peñíscola

It is a fact, that if you plan to visit Peñíscola, the leisure options are endless. Although it has some of the best beaches in Castellón, this beautiful town offers a wide range of options.

For example, you will find some exceptional restaurants in Peñíscola, very close to our Hotel Papa Luna, where you can taste the fabulous gastronomy of Peñíscola. You can also enjoy nightlife in the pubs on the beachfront.

As you know, "presiding over" this beautiful city is the impressive castle of Peñíscola, which has captivated producers and directors; many of them choosing it as a stage for their films and television productions.

Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna in Peñíscola

It is precisely the culture in Peñíscola that we are going to talk about in this new publication. Therefore, we are going to recommend what to see in Peñíscola from a very enriching point of view. And what better way to be inspired, and have fun than enjoying museums? The museums are a magnificent source of information, with factual accounts giving different options to learn, through the museums in Peñíscola.


Museum of Magic

The popular Magic Museum in Peñíscola is one of the most chosen options for our clients when considering what to do in Peñíscola.

Also known as the Magic Museum by Yunke, this original establishment opened its doors in 2016 in an old cinema, it offers you an extraordinary exhibition about the art of illusionism.

It also offers a spectacular montage in which you are able to appreciate the most relevant figures, in the field of magic, of all time.

It is an unbeatable way to take a journey through time, in which you will live magic from completely different prisms and with different artists of illusionism.

Having as its main attraction one of the greatest illusionists of our country, the great Magician Yunke, this is definitely a show full of originality and innovation. In addition, it will confirm that Yunke demonstrated a very different way of practicing, of conceiving and of understanding magic.

If you don’t know what to see in Peñíscola with children, you will not be disappointed at the Museum house of Yunke, the little ones (and the not so small ones) will enjoy it all.

The opening times of the Museum of Magic in Peñíscola, are from 12:00h to 14:00h lunchtime, and from 16:00h to 22:00h in the afternoon/evening. During these opening hours, you can also enjoy different guided tours, as well as the best magic shows.


The Maritime Museum

Peñíscola Maritime Museum

Considered the most classic in the city, the Maritime Museum in Peñíscola is and has always been considered one of the greatest treasures of the old town.

It is located in a historic building, which has always been known as the building "Les Costures" of Peñíscola, on the Baluarte del Príncipe.

In this magnificent documented center of Castellon, you will be surprised with an authentic tribute to the seafaring tradition of Peñíscola. A way of life that began in this town less than a century ago, when it began to replace agriculture as the main occupation.

It has an amazing amount of documentation, set in motion with high doses of creativity, and with an original entity, unique and totally adapted to the times. In fact, it is considered a highly dynamic and creative museum, which will also allow you to get involved due to the high dose of participation and interactivity it offers.

Its unique way of presenting the information will captivate you from the beginning, not only by the informative texts on its panels, but also by the extremely interesting audiovisual content, from which you can have free use of.

You will also be captivated by the aquariums, where you can enjoy the most original Mediterranean marine species, very characteristic of the northern coast of Azahar.

The Peñíscola Maritime Museum is open to the public every day from 10:00h to 14:00h and from 16:00h to 20:00h, extending the time in summer (from July to September) until 21:00h. But if you decide to visit Peñíscola between October and March, the hours are from 09:30h to 15:30h from Tuesday to Sunday.


The Museum of Traditional living in Peñíscola “Casa del Ayer”

Agriculture in Peñiscola

If after surprising you by observing how the Peñiscolano maritime world was lived, you may want to know in an ethnographic way how they used to live in this beautiful city of the Mediterranean, we recommend you visit the House of Peñíscola Museum, popularly known as Casa Museo "La casa del Ayer” (“The House of Yesterday").

This authentic documented jewel (located at the highest point of the city, in the heart of the historic center of Peñíscola), is a true Castellon house transformed into a museum.

This is related to the basic agricultural tradition that preceded fishing as the main occupation in Peñíscola. In fact, the museum is one of those traditional houses, which for many years was occupied by families of farmers.

In this way, we offer you a new option of things to see in Peñíscola. This way you will be able to know in detail how the land was worked and what were the most used tools for the usual farming tasks.

There is no schedule of visits as such, in the Peñíscola Casa de Ayer Museum, but you can call yourself to arrange a guided tour or your private pass.

Undoubtedly, it is an opportunity to enjoy some wonderful stories and anecdotes, which will be told by an expert guide who will accompany you throughout the journey.


Art Salon “Tiziano”

Art in Peñíscola

If what you like most about visiting museums is art in its purest state, the Tiziano Art Room gives it to you on a plate. If you do not know what to visit in Peñíscola, this is your best option.

As in the previous options, the Tiziano Art Gallery of Peñíscola consists of an old house in the historic centre, which has been totally transformed into an authentic art gallery.

The Tiziano Art Room, named after the renowned Renaissance painter, focuses mainly on the work of the artist Alfonso Manuel, but also includes numerous works belonging to other great masters of painting and other plastic arts, such as creative ceramics and popular pottery.

But who is Alfonso Manuel? He is a famous painter born in Valencia, who has been living in Peñíscola for more than 30 years, a city he was fascinated with from the beginning. For this reason, he has spent much of his time portraying the beauty of Peñíscola and its greatness.

His works have always been exhibited in the Tiziano art room, and at times creating enormous expectation among the inhabitants and visitors of this beautiful, and without doubt, artistic municipality.

Without a doubt, you will be surprised by the spectacular oil paintings, drawings, portraits and miniatures that are displayed in this incredible art room which is unique to this area.

The opening times for the Tiziano Art room Peñíscola are from 11:00h to 14:00h lunchtime, and from 18:00h to 00:00h in the afternoon / evening.


Museum of Carriages by the Brothers Lluch

Museum of Carriages in Peñíscola

The Lluch family, after many years collecting the most classic and beautiful carriages, has created its own Carriage Museum in Peñíscola.

This museum focused on the means of transport presenting us with a wide variety of wooden carriages, which were used for very different purposes: transporting meat, helping in the field, accompanying the doctor on his particular visits, transporting people, carrying out Taxi functions, among many others.

The Brothers Lluch Museum of Carts and Carriages, came from a hobby that this family has been treasuring over the years. It centres around various carriages, which came from places as diverse as Mallorca or Seville.

The purpose of this museum, it is to convey to future generations, the benefits of these vehicles, which have always been so special and symbolic in terms of the history and as means of transport.

You will also see horse drawn tractors, among other types of transportation.

The opening times for this interesting Museum of Peñíscola, is from Monday to Friday from 10:00h to 13:00h, and in the afternoon from 17:00h to 20:00h. It also opens for the public on Saturdays from 10:00h to 13:00h.


These five museums, represent certain proof that in Peñíscola, besides sun, gastronomy and entertainment, there is also a varied amount of art and culture to get to know.

Undoubtedly, we offer a different leisure alternative for your stay in our Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna.


We look forward to seeing you…!

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