Hotel Servigroup Galua 50 years on…

For half a century, the Hotel Galúa in La Manga has witnessed the major changes this town has undergone, its trends and the affluence of public, among many other things.

/Anniversary cake Hotel Servigroup Galua in La Manga.

Since 2012 this well-known hotel has become part of the Servigroup chain and named as Servigroup Galúa, our hotel in La Manga continues to receive year after year some of its most loyal customers who have enjoyed this hotel right from the beginning, 50 years ago. At the same time, the hotel has among its staff, employees who began their career as youngsters and are still part of the company today.

For all this, we wanted to honor this 50th anniversary with somewhat different publication on this blog. And to do this, we make our customers' the main characters, as well as the employees who have been with us the longest.

We will be speaking to Alejandro Iglesias and his wife Pepita, who will tell us from their own perspective how they have experienced the passage of time since spending their summers in La Manga. We will also have a little chat with Paco, our loyal and longtime receptionist, and we will also be talking about other members of staff, old and new. Inaugurated by Manuel Fraga Iribarne in 1967, the Galúa opened in a decade of great changes, located in a Murcian town that was hardly known outside of our borders. A few years later, a tourist boom completely turned this fishing village into a high-end tourist destination.

Constructing the Hotel Galua in La Manga.

Our most senior staff

Since he was a teenager, Miguel, our head waiter, has witnessed how this emblematic hotel in La Manga del Mar Menor opened its doors on March 12, 1967. He and Paco, our most veteran receptionist, have witnessed the Extraordinary growth, also seeing how the hotel became one of the most acclaimed establishments on the Costa Cálida, as well as nationally. Other members and ex-members of staff such as Jose Luis (kitchen), Ramón (waiter in the restaurant) and Frutos (kitchen) have experienced first-hand how the Galúa passed from the hands of the Spanish-Belgian company, to Hotels Mallorquines (Grupo Sol), and from there to the chain Sol Meliá, then finally becoming part of the Servigroup chain in 2012 and now known as the Hotel Servigroup Galúa.

There was a time when the Gran Vía de La Manga was practically a lost and dead-end road, and with hardly any buildings, bars and leisure establishments (the majority situated around the classic Bohemian square and the Entremares area), Miguel was a witness Of the appearance on the scene of a hotel that was inaugurated with an attractive slogan, just 15 centimetres from the Coast. Shortly afterwards, Paco, who was only 19 years old, began to serve as a reception assistant, and over the years became one of the hotel's most symbolic and beloved receptionists.

Paco, Hotel Servigroup Galúa Recpetionist

Paco tells us that the hotel public has been changing according to the fashions and trends of the moment. And it is a fact that in the late 60's and early 70's, tourism in La Manga focused primarily on the British and German public, and over the years intertwined with the Swedish and Spanish. Many of these clients started staying at the hotel whilst looking to purchase properties or land as an investment.

At this time, the Spanish coast was on the crest of the wave, and our beaches and our extraordinary climate were preferred in Europe. Over the years, other types of destinations such as Egypt and Tunisia were promoted, whose exotic surroundings and economical prices were tempting many tourists to change their holiday destination. Even so, new holiday makers always arrived, and La Manga continued its unstoppable popularity.


Alejandro and Pepita

Our most faithful clients of Hotel Servigroup Galúa

The hotel had attracted national holiday makers that became more and more faithful, making Galúa their authentic home during the holidays and weekend getaways. Alejandro and Pepita are a clear example of that faithful clientele that for half a century have chosen La Manga to spend their much-valued time. This endearing retired couple from Madrid accompany us with long stays of up to more than a month, whenever they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital.

This lovely couple share their experiences with great enthusiasm, defining the hotel as the most evolved establishment in La Manga. In Alejandro's own words, the Hotel Galúa has evolved a lot over the last 50 years, even more so than the actual Manga, which is now much quieter and inviting. We have enjoyed watching our children growing up over many wonderful summer holidays, they are adults now and have flown the nest, so it’s just us to enjoy our time together now.

Alejandro, well known among the staff at the Galúa as Mr. Iglesias, is a former worker of the Tax Agency in Madrid, who first saw the hotel when it was in full construction. In fact, he was present at the hotels inauguration held on the 5th of May 1967.

Mr. Iglesias tells us with great enthusiasm that he and his wife have had an excellent relationship with the different hotel directors, as well as with the rest of the staff over the years. He assures us that all the hotel staff have always made them feel at home, and for this reason they can’t wait, to find the time to come and spend a few days in what they consider as their second home.

The couple have accumulated great memories and many friendships over the years.

We hope that Pepita and Alejandro continue to visit us for many more years, and to continue enjoying their holidays, as well as Doreen, José Luis, Francisco, Ángel, Humberto, Dori and many other regular customers, who are loyal to La Manga and to our hotel, and who continue to visit whenever they can. An establishment of high standards, as both Paco and Alejandro say, and has remained so over the years, and at the same time continues to evolve and improve, offering guests the best holiday experience.

We are waiting for you at the Galúa ... Come and join us!!

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