At Servigroup Hotels we are opening with our new corporate logo

At Servigroup, we are committed to innovation and to the continuous improvement of our processes to always offer the best version of ourselves to all clients, exceeding their expectations with each new stay. Under this premise, the chain has decided this year to embark in 2020 on an ambitious process of digital transformation and updating of its corporate image.

As a result, Servigroup Hotels are launching a new logo with which it adopts the latest design trends. The new image has a more modern and simplified style, representing a great change from the previous one, but without renouncing the essence of personality, that has so strongly identified our hotels in the collective imagination.

Servigroup Hotels Logo

An innovative design

The new logo, created by the Alicante designer Ana Piqueras, is just a visible sign of the important transformation the chain is undergoing to continue offering an excellent product to its customers. The innovative design has been based on what was the most outstanding graphic element of its predecessor, the circle, and on it, Piqueras, has created a new symbol from the Servi and Group initials.

The S and G combine to build an anagram that brings identity and personality to the brand. Being an imagotype (symbol separate from the text) it allows more flexibility, since they can work independently of each other and play to present themselves vertically or horizontally. The resulting anagram is framed in a circle as a seal, giving the initials more prominence. The chosen font is Semplícita.

Creation of the Servigroup Hotels logo

The purple colour of Servigroup

Regarding corporate colours, purple remains the main colour and grey is included as an accessory shade. Purple is applied to the symbol and name of the company, and grey to the name that describes the activity in which it is engaged. With this colour combination, the aim is to obtain more clarity and elegance. And in our commitment to maintaining the essence, orange will also be retained as a secondary corporate colour, although in a lighter shade.

The 18 hotels that are part of the chain will also adhere to the new image, using the same logo. The implementation process of the new image began at the beginning of the year and will gradually be extended to all types of publicity and social media regarding the chain.

Logo Hotel Servigroup Diplomatic

The history of the Servigroup logo

During a meeting, a 50-peseta coin was the inspiration for José Mª Caballé, founder of Hoteles Servigroup, for the creation of the first logo that the hotel chain had 50 years ago. It was born spontaneously and was shaped with a copper circumference in which the name of Servigroup Hotels could be read. Thus, the characteristic circle of the company appeared within a plate and the brand began to be marketed.

In 1995 the first transformation of the corporate image took place, introducing the colour to the existing logo and leaving only the circumference as a seal. The colour chosen to represent the group was purple, a colour related to elegance, prestige, quality, wisdom and sophistication. Orange was also selected as the secondary colour. A colour that transmits happiness, fun or confidence and is identified with summer, friendship and success.

Old Servigroup Hotels logo

On the other hand, that same year, our hotels, which until then each had a particular and individualized image, were homogenized in a bid to strengthen the ties that unite them and forge the personality of the chain, using new individual logos to be used in general.

A new change came in 2006 when all the hotels of the company incorporated the name of the establishment, the name of the chain, “Servigroup”, reinforcing its corporate character. Thus, the client could clearly perceive the guarantee that each of our establishments would obtain the same satisfaction in quality and services, which would ultimately result in greater loyalty and a sense of belonging.

Now in 2020, we have gone further and the chain has opted for a greater transformation of the corporate image with a more distinctive change compared to the previous logo. However, both logos will coexist during the transition period.


Firm commitment to innovation

But this commitment to innovation does not end with updating our brand image. At Servigroup we are working intensively to offer a new, more accessible, modern and intuitive corporate website in order to facilitate the customer's search process.

New uses, that will soon be available to customers of our hotels, and that will allow them to check-in online in advance, even from their own mobile phone, where they can also find the menus of the restaurants and bars of our hotels, in addition to any other information of interest during their stay.

Servigroup Logo Mask

With this transformation, the company has wanted to modernize its identity, offer a more attractive and competitive image and remain at the forefront of the sector, equating itself to the continuous renovation it is already carrying out in the facilities of its hotel establishments, to be up to date with design and comfort.

The closeness, trust and reliability that the brand has transmitted since its origins remain with the modernity and freshness of the new image. Values that are part of the chain's philosophy, specialized in sun and beach tourism, whose main pillars are to offer the best value for money and an interest in the continuous improvement of its products, based on excellence and efficiency. , as well as the honesty and commitment that it maintains with its clients, in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction and loyalty.

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