At Servigroup Hotels, we prepare the best cocktails and Gin & Tonic

In Servigroup Hotels we invest much of our time and effort in offering you the best cocktails and gin tonics. This original offer prepared for you by dedicated professionals who are not only at your disposal, but will also advise you and show you the techniques of preparing the most exotic, and delicious recipes

What better way to unwind after a hectic Christmas day, a nice meal and a leisurely drink, just relax and enjoy.

At Servigroup Hotels we are constantly renovating and updating our list of beverages that include the most exclusive gins and tonicrumvodkawhiskeychampagne and cava. And not to forget our award-winning cocktails.

And speaking of awards, Míguel Ángel Quintana, head barman from the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli in Villajoyosa was awarded first prize at the Valencian community and region of Murcia’s cocktail contest held in Valencia last May. Our popular bartender presented a delicious cocktail called Miracle, made with brownie syrup and orange blossom essence.

Starting to prepare cocktail Miracle

Montíboli Miracle cocktail

Winning cocktail Servigroup Montíboli

Process of the cocktail

Winning cocktail Servigroup Montíboli

Cocktail prepared

Barman Montíboli with his cocktail

Barman and cocktail

Gin and Tonics

We can surprise you with a wide and original selection always made with the best gins and tonics. We offer from the classic Cucumber Aroma to the most daring and amazing Golden Gin Tonic, decorated with golden gourmet leaves; Aroma of Violet and Roses, flavoured with violets and natural rose; The exotic Cinnamon and citrus aroma, served with a natural cinnamon sprig, orange peel and lemon; Or the succulent Aroma and flavour of White Chocolate, with hint of chocolate and accompanied by natural cocoa beans.

Hendrick's, Martin Miller's, G'Vine, Gine Mare, London No. 1, Seagrams, or Schweppes Premium are some of the gin and tonic brands that make up the wide and select Gin & Tonics list  that Servigroup Hotels offer their customers.

Gyn Tonic flavoured with violets and roses

Gyn & Tonic Aroma Violets and Roses

Mojito prepaired with apple

Apple Mojito

Different Gyn & Tonics prepaired in Servigroup Hotels

Gyn & Tonic variety prepaired in Servigroup Hotels

Special terrace Montiboli Hotel cocktail

Hotel Montíboli Special cocktail


If a cocktail is the thing for you, then look no further, you can choose from the most classic cocktails, such as our delicious Cosmopolitanclassic Manhattan, the extravagant Caipirinha or the explosive Bloody Mary. On the other hand, we can also recommend our own cocktails, made exclusively by our professional bar staff, such as the famous Mojito Servigroup, prepared with the most exclusive rum, lime, pearl ice, soda and a sprig of peppermint; Our Diplomatic Cream, made with vodka, Catalan cream, coconut syrup and cream; Or the Delfi Cocktail, alcohol-free and specially designed for children.

To prepare these high standard cocktails, gin and tonics, we have great professionals who stand out for their singularity and unique cocktails and techniques which have permitted them to win numerous national and international competitions.


Our mobile drinks trolley

At Servigroup Hotels we are constantly innovating, offering our guests the best experience possible. For this we have introduced into some of our hotels our mobile drinks trolley, with the sole objective of offering you the best Mojitos and Gin & Tonics, designed just for you in a personalized and differentiated way. You will be able to watch their spectacular preparation, the techniques and ingredients that we use.

Now we are going to give you a little peek into how Juan, our Head Barman at the Hotel Servigroup Venus, prepares a luxurious Gyn & Tonic.

Do not forget to take a look at our cocktail list when you stay at any of 16 Servigroup hotels.

Come and join us...!!

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