Vueling Benidorm Half, a unique night time Half Marathon

Times are changing and with-it leisure, lifestyle and customs. It is already a reality that every day we are more concerned with our physical health, healthy habits, keep fit and enjoy a much more responsible and enriching leisure time.

Running is a way of doing sports and enjoyed now for years. What started off as jogging, at a relaxed pace and delight in the outdoors along with getting rid of stress, today has become routine. Many people go running periodically, setting their own goals and rhythm, and even with their eyes on a competition as a personal challenge.

It is what is known today as running, and in recent years the so-called 'runners' have become fashionable, to the point that most no longer remember their life before running, and a few have become so professional they have made this passion to run a profession.

Half Marathon in Benidorm 2020

When you are going to plan your running calendar and selection results, that you will develop during the year, you should take care that the city or town can offer you, the recovery time you will need and choose accommodations oriented to athletes that guarantee your rest to be 100% to beat your best time.

The town of Benidorm throughout the year hosts different running events, a town with more than 6 km of promenade and a perfect climate for the sport. In Benidorm you can find popular races such as, 5k, 10k, and even the half marathon, which we would like to talk about today.


Benidorm Half 2020, Half Marathon

On the 29th February 2020, Benidorm will be hosting the ‘Vueling Benidorm Half’ which is an urban half marathon with great international presence. The race is approved by the Spanish Athletics Federation, the circuit is completely flat and very colorful, which makes this run an opportunity for runners looking to break their personal record.

Vueling BenidormHalf 2020

A half marathon consisting of 21 kilometers (a 21k in runners’ jargon), it is a race-oriented test for fitness, mostly professionals. However, it also offers a more affordable 10k option for amateur runners, but with the same route, so you will not miss any part of Benidorm to run through.

There are different categories (both in the 21k and the 10k run): veterans, junior, senior ... in both male and female and team promotions.

The organizing bodies of the half marathon ‘Vueling Benidorm Half 2020’ are working hard on turning this race into a great national athletics event. By featuring

That is, turning this demanding run into a more festive and fun area for running fans and their families.


Benidorm Half Marathon Route

The race will kick off right after sunset, during evening hours, and will develop as a half night marathon in which to enjoy the illuminated skyline of Benidorm. The route will feature two laps through the streets of the most tourist town in Spain for the half marathon, and one lap for 10K.

The race will begin at the crossroads of the Europa Avenue with the Avenida del Mediterráneo, very close to the Diplomatic Hotel, through which the race will pass in its final stretch. The runners will begin the run with the sunset of Benidorm and will travel the entire promenade of the city, both the Levante Beach, and the Poniente Beach.

The planned route may have some small variations due to the works that are in progress in the city.

The runners will have a cloakroom service, federative insurance, liquid and solid supplies during the route, among other services. All competitors of the 21k will have their commemorative medal of the occasion, along with other gifts such as technical shirt or runner's bag with promotional items and snacks.

The departure and arrival line are at the same point, the family members of the runners will be able to enjoy the animation while they wait to receive their champions with love and applause.

Enjoying running in Benidorm

Registration for the Benidorm Half Marathon

In this race anyone can register, whether federated or not, provided they are of legal age and are prepared for an unforgettable experience.

There are different categories for each of its modalities, 21k or 10k, you can visit the website to check the price, the prizes and register for the Benidorm Half Marathon.

Once you are enrolled in the half marathon, book your hotel for Benidorm Half, in all our hotels you will have guaranteed rest, fun for you and your companions during your free time, and it is very important to be focused on the race and help you to have a great time ... but it is also vitally important that you take advantage of your trip and enjoy one of the most famous tourist towns in Spain.

In addition, an aspect of vital importance for any runner is food, in our hotels with buffets you will have plenty of options to choose and prepare for the half marathon with the best products and the gastronomic guarantee seal of Servigroup.

So... don't think about it so much

If you are passionate about running and you like challenges, do not miss the opportunity to live the experience that Vueling Benidorm Half offers you. Combine your passion for running, tourism, leisure... and an exceptional environment for you, and also for your companions.

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