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Servigroup Hotels invites you to the best cabaret show at Benidorm Palace

Servigroup Hotels invites all guests who book through our official website to attend the Benidorm Palace Cabaret Show during their stay at any of our hotels in the city. This is a fabulous show that will surprise you with its extensive variety, as well as its new choreographies performed by the most professional dancers.

Just for booking a stay of 3 nights or more in one of our 9 hotels in Benidorm on, you will enjoy a unique show totally FREE on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The new and exciting show at the Benidorm Palace this season has been baptised "Fire" and features over 40 international artists who will accompany you on a journey through the cycle of the four elements (water, earth, air and fire) in a display of light, music, colour and fantasy. In this adventure you will travel around the world without leaving Benidorm thanks to the different performances to the rhythm of a repertoire of musical themes that are part of our universal culture.

Book your stay now and enjoy this magnificent show* full of surprises.

*Limited places. Only one entrance ticket per client during the period of your hotel stay for reservations made through for 3 nights or more at any of the Servigroup hotels. Invitation is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays with limited places. On the 26th December and 5th January our guests will not be able to enjoy the show, for reasons beyond Servigroup Hotels control. The service is operated by the company BENIDORM PALACE, not by Servigroup Hotels. Therefore, Servigroup Hotels do not accept responsibility for any possible delays or cancellations.

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The best cabaret show in Europe
An unforgettable show

Benidorm Palace

The Benidorm Palace cabaret show has been a benchmark in Benidorm since 1977. Its stage has illuminated the city's nights for decades with the most innovative and transgressive shows, importing the latest artistic trends from all over the world to enhance the city's cultural scene. This trajectory earned it the title of the best cabaret show in Europe in 2012, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary. Today, travellers from all over the world go to the Benidorm Palace every night to vibrate with its show of vedettes, dance, music, magic, humour and endless surprises that will make any night an unforgettable evening.

Enjoy this unique opportunity and feel part of this story of passion, Show must go on!

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