Discover the most emblematic places of Oropesa del Mar, its history, museums and points of interest to visit. There are several excursions that you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Oropesa.


Old Town of Oropesa del Mar

Among its narrow alleys are some of the major points of interest, such as the Chapel of the Virgin of Patience or the castle built by Muslims in the eleventh century. Its streets are adorned with local shops, as well as museums and art galleries.


Museo del Naipe (Playing Card Museum)

The museum has original works in which you can appreciate the expensive decorative work carried out by the artisans to ensure that every detail was put into every card. Enjoy the history and culture of the playing card, as well as the different cards designers created.


Capilla de la Virgen de la Paciencia (Chapel of the Virgin of Patience)

This is located in the church square and is the patron saint of the town. You are able to see pieces of tile from Alcora, manufactured in the eighteenth century.


Castillo de Oropesa (Oropesa Castle)

Built by the Muslims and then later abandoned, it is the perfect strategic point to visualize the horizon and travel back in the past, a couple of centuries.


Museum of Oropesa del Mar

Located in the emblematic old town of Oropesa del Mar, this museum is a way of extending local culture and history to all its visitors.


Las Palmas Desert

Just 20 kilometers from the center of the town, this natural park is a must to enjoy the best views of Oropesa and nearby towns, such as Benicassim. For your enjoyment there are cycling or horse riding routes, monasteries, hermitages and much more.


Castillo de Miravet (Miravet Castle)

Built in the 10th century, it was an ancient monastery occupied by Muslim warriors and stands out for its conservation status.


Marina of Oropesa del Mar

Located to the west, this marina is the largest in the province of Castellon. It has the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of its beaches and its excellent services.


Islas Culumbretes

Formed by 4 islands, this archipelago has a volcanic environment. This corner is known for scuba diving due to the beauty of its seabed.


Torre del Rey (Kings Tower)

Built in the fifteenth century, it was financed with donations from the church and aid from the crown of Aragon, and its main objective was the defense of the city.

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