Benicassim offers high quality beaches, a warm climate throughout the year and a great cultural wealth that guarantees a wide variety of activities, excursions and visits to different places that will surprise any visitor.


Tower of San Vicente

This Watchtower, also called Torreón, is located on the beach of San Vicente and was built in the sixteenth century, Renaissance style, and whose mission was the surveillance and defence of the coast from the corsairs’ attacks.


National Park las Palmas Desert

During your stay or getaway to the holiday village of Benicassim, you cannot miss exploring the 3,293 hectares of the Desert of Las Palmas. The denomination of Desert refers to the spaces dedicated to the spiritual retreat and convent of the order of the Carmelites Las Palmas Monks, also by the abundance of palm trees in the area. A must see are its viewpoints where you can enjoy the best panoramic views of Benicasim and its surroundings. El Desierto (the desert) offers many options for your enjoyment such as horseback riding, biking, cultural trails, lush vegetation, two monasteries, hermitages, grottos and caves, devotional pillars, chapels, fountains, springs ...


Monastery of the desert of Las Palmas

The Carmelite monastery, also called convent of the Carmelite fathers, has had a great importance throughout history, now it is the property of the largest church in Spain. The friars, thanks to the aromatic herbs they found in the area, they began to elaborate and market the famous Carmelite Liquor.


Sacred Museum of the Carmelite monastery

Inside the Carmelite Monastery you can discover a small museum of sacred art. You will see more than 600 historical objects and artistic works, collected throughout history by the Carmelite order all over the world.


Museum wineries Carmelitano at Benicasim

Interesting visit to wineries and the centenary distilleries where muscatel and Carmelitano liquor are handcrafted, as well as a wide range of other liqueurs.


The Villas

The route of the villas, on the seafront, takes you to the Belle Époque Benicense. This set of Villas from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century built by a select group of families from Castellón and Valencia known as the "Biarritz Valenciano" who bought great wealth and architectural diversity. These are divided into two sections, on the one hand the "route of hell" due to the scandalous parties that were celebrated in the villas of that area, and the route of the "Celestial Court" for the tranquillity of its streets.


The Church of Saint Tomás

The parish church of Saint Tomás de Villanueva in Benicàssim, is a religious building built in the eighteenth century neoclassical style. This Church with its rectangular layout and unique structure, which forms a Latin cross, is adorned with pictures and frescoes from the Segorbino painter Camarón.


Castle of Montornés

Fortress of Arab origin located on a steep summit of the Desert of Las Palmas, whose mission was the defence of the area.


Monument to the attendees

Curious sculptures of walkers, imitating the people who come to enjoy some of the festivals of Benicassim.


Columbretes Islands

Visit the Columbretes Islands nature reserve and get to know the archipelago of these volcanic islands, declared a natural park, protected by the biological and ecological diversity of its environment.



Via Oropesa unites with Benicasim, a 5.7km route that passes through the old railway line and borders the coast, it is a flat route that can be done either on foot or by bicycle. It also has areas of rest and recreation to contemplate the beautiful landscapes such as Mount Bovalar, the coves of the Renegà or Bellver, the watchtowers of the Cordà and the Colomera ...

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