Water sports in Peñíscola


Peñiscola offers an ideal location for scuba diving.Its beautiful deep waters, and interesting routes will allow the diver to enjoy its cristal waters and admire its sea beds of exceptional beauty. You can take a guided dive with professionals, or take courses which are available for all levels.

Some of the most popular routes are:

- Pecios Burriana: Feel the unique experience of diving on the wreck Burriana, 20 metres deep and explore the remains of two merchant ships, sunk with many secrets to discover.

- Islas Columbretes: Discover the unique beauty of volcanic origin, which consist of four islands,

This nature reserve is approx 30 miles east of Cabo de Oropesa (Castellón) and one of the most.

Important reserves in the Valencian Community. These islands represent an archipealago of high ecological interest.

- Buceo Barra Alta: Located 6 miles from the Columbretes Islands , barra alta foramtion composes of a succession of submarine ridges parallel to each other and covered with colourfull vegetation, rich in underwater species and of great beauty.

- Snorkel Excursion: Have fun exploring the seabed with this water sport which is very popular, and suitable for all ages.



The bay of Peñiscola, with its tranquil waters and the winds which are characteristic of the area, make it the ideal place for sailing. Navigators can practice different forms of sailing here. The Bernicalo – Peñiscola Nautical Station has perfectly equipped facilities, as well as a comprehensive programme of courses such as sailing, nautical inaugurations introduction to racing or sailing boat courses. The aim of the club is to diffuse recreational and training methods and for the more experienced, promote technique perfectioning.


Boat in the sierra of Irta in Peñíscola


Kite enthusiasts can practise this form of surf and feel the pure adrenaline close to Peñiscola in Alcocéber. This sport has become very popular, and can be practised on a board which is pulled by a kite, reaching high speeds, where experts perform jumps and stunts.

This town on the Costa del Azahar has miles and miles of coastline for kitesurfing during most of the year, thanks to its good climate and warm waters.



A different way to discover the sea is by piloting a jet ski, as it allows the driver and their passenger to enjoy the views of the coastline and even visit coves and natural landscapes. Without doubt, a fun option for those who want to spend a quiet day out on the water as well as for those who prefer the adrenaline rush racing at great speeds. In addition, it is also possible to arrange group excursions.




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