Water sports in Mojácar

The town of Mojacar is characterised for its coastline, attracting year after year tourists who are seeking its climate, its golden sandy beaches, its rugged cliffs and small coves. Natural beauty spots where you can choose to relax, swim in crystal clear waters, sunbathe or practice one or more of the water sports on offer.


1. Scuba diving

For the more adventurous who are looking for an unforgettable experience, the Diving Center offers the opportunity to venture deep into the sea and take a stroll through the depths of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. Accompanied by a tutor at all times, the diver discovers the beauty and colours of the seabed, as well as the multitude of species that live there (octopus, morays…).

For families who wish to have their first try at diving, the “Snorkeling Diver” programme allows you to view from the surface, the small fish that inundate the sea.

2. Sailing

For sailing enthusiasts, the area offers weather conditions which permit sailing throughout the entire year, predominated most of the time by a South-West wind. Hoisting the sail is an ideal way to get to know the Coast of Mojacar and seeing among many others, the beaches of Marina de la Torre, Descargador or La Piedra Villazar.


3. Windsurf

This sport which mixes surfing and sailing moves the windsurfer through the water using a board and sail. Your best ally is the breeze, predominated in this area by the South-West wind. A sport in which you can practice different movements (including flips and jumps) or reach high speeds, depending on the level of the windsurfer and their equipment. For the experienced as well as beginners who would like to discover windsurfing, there are schools in Mojacar with courses adapted to different levels and with specialist tutors.


4. Water sky

Water Ski is a daring sport and certain does not leave anyone indifferent! It is practiced with two skis or a single board. A sport which mixes surf and ski giving the sensation of flying!

One of its varieties is kite surfing. A method that combines not only the above mentioned sports, but also wakeboarding and free flying, moving the athlete through the water with a board impelled by a kite that is driven by the wind.


5. Flyboard

A Flyboard, is a type of water jetpack attached to a personal wáter craft which supplies propulsión to drive the Flyboard through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. A flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft.


6. Kayaking

A different way to sail is with a kayak. A sport that can be practiced from 8 years old to 60 years old and an ideal way to spend a fun day with family or friends. The dimensions of this type of vessel permits you to reach difficult areas of access and discover beautiful places. From Candalix Beach kayaks, situated on Playa de La Torre, it is possible to take kayaking courses, kayak excursions or kayak rental.


7. Snorkel

The snorkel diving is a form requiring no special qualifications or training. With a pair of diving goggles and a tube you can enjoy the beauty of the seabeds around Mojacar.A unique experience suitable for all ages and physical conditions.


8. Catamaran

The catamaran is a type of boat  consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. Catamarans can be sail or motor powered. This is a unique and safe way to enjoy the sea and climate along the coast of Almeria.


Catamaran in Mojácar

9. Boat rutes

Discover the small hidden places navigating along the Coast of Almeria. In Mojacar there are several companies that organise interesting routes in pleasure boats or you can rent a motor boat with a skipper. One of the most popular routes is the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, through the beautiful bay Aguas Amargas and several other coves.

10. Other water activities

The rowing channel of Cuevas del Almanzora has become a water adventure park. The "Lunar Cable Park" is a cable-ski that remains open throughout the year, through the WakeParX 5-tower system you can release adrenaline overcoming different obstacles and practicing wakeboarding, water-skiing and kneeboarding. In addition, it also offers other water activities such as kayaking, SUP, inflatable castles.

However, not everything is based on water facilities, there are also areas of the park dedicated to sport on land, such as the Ninja Park, an obstacle course that test your strength and endurance. It has a climbing wall or obstacle course, so that you can enjoy the sport and release adrenaline.

In addition, the complex has the "Chiringuito Café Lunar" where they offer food and drink, there are special events such as jam sessions, where different artists can make themselves known, or improve your working relationships through Teambuilding or Co-Working.



1. Center School of Skin-diving Mojácar

Tel: (+34) 950 47 27 60 / (+34) 654 57 57 90 (Tony Navarro)



2. Samoa Surf

Tel: (+34) 666 442 263 / (+34) 95 04 78 490 (Gus)


3. Candalix Beach

Tel: (+34) 669 39 46 56 / (+34) 663 638 699 (Mirco / Carlos)


4. Senseidekite

Tel: (+34) 661 29 16 68


5. Ola 120

Tel. (+34) 697 120 110 (Nuria)



6. Water sports Lunar

Tel: +34 665 51 28 73 (John Paul)




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