Water sports in La Manga

La Manga thanks to its natural aspects and its warm temperatures throughout the year provides the perfect opportunity to practice a wide range of water sports. It's a tourist resort where it is possible to be on a Mediterranean beach and at the same time on a small 100 meters sea. La Manga is a natural barrier that separates the two seas and therefore enables this to be an ideal area for the practice of this type of sports.


1. Scuba diving 

Scuba diving is becoming more widespread in La Manga and each year attracts both professionals and beginners who want to iniciate in this water sport. The main reason is the wealth of its seabed, where in addition to being able to contemplate its vegetation and numerous marine species, you can see in all its splendor submarine deposits and sunken boats such as the Norte America, the Minerva or the Sirio, which stretch from the Manga up to Cabo de Palos.

Those interested in scuba diving can do a course or for the experts, you can simply rent the equipment. There are diving schools with specialized monitors that offer courses for all levels.


2. Snorkelling

One of the greatest treasures offered by the Mar Menor are the sea grass meadows known as Posidonia Oceánica, an endemic species found in parts of the Mediterranean and an excellent bio indicator of water Quality. Snorkelling will allow you to discover the extraordinary seabed's and the many species it contains. A beautiful spectacle well worth seeing with your family or friends.

All you need is a pair of goggles a snorkel tube and a pair of flippers(optional) to fully enjoy the experience of snorkelling from day one, no previous experience is needed, but a professional (Padi) is available to show you techniques, security measures, as well as showing you the different species, customs, and feeding habits etc.


Family Snorkel in La Manga

3. Sailing

The peaceful waters of the area convert La Manga in the delight for lovers of sailing. Throughout its territory, there are eleven schools that offer courses for all levels with qualified instructors (the facilities of the clubs include complementary services such as changing rooms, showers, coffee shops, etc).

In addition, for the ships and their crew there are four marinas to meet their demands. Without doubt, it is a unique place to begin water sports. The shallow water and the high temperature of the water are an advantage to make the learning process easier in the open sea. In addition, the sport boats can get out of the sea through the Canal de Estacio and visit the Farallon, Hormigas islands or Grosa island.


Sight Sailboat in La Manga

4. Kayaking

A different way to navigate is the kayak, a sport that can be practiced from 8 years up to 60 years old. A fun day ideal for all of the family or in a group.

The dimensions of this type of vessel enable you to go places with difficult access and admire beautiful landscapes from the beaches of the Mar Menor, for example Cavanna, Los Alemanes or Paraiso and Galua o Calnegre in the Mediterranean Sea.


5. Windsurf

This sport that mixes surfing and sailing, attracts more and more a greater number of amateurs because although it is necessary to have some skill, your board and your sail are easy to use. Their best allies are the breeze and the waves, so the windsurfer delves almost into a kind of dance in which you have to keep the balance.

A sport in which you can practice the different modalities and even get to do flips, jumps or high speeds, depending on your level and equipment. It is possible to practice this sport with courses both for beginners and for the more advanced, under the care of a specialized monitor.


Windsurf in La Manga

6. Sup - Paddle surf

Enjoy this modern sport in a much simpler way, without the risks of surfing. Paddle surf paddle or Sup (Stand up paddle) uses a paddle to move through the water while standing on a large surf board, so it doesn’t have to be windy, and there’s no need for waves to practice this sport.

It is one of the most complete and fun sports that can be enjoyed from the start. Paddle through the calm sea of the Mar Menor. Suitable for all ages.


7. Kite surf

For the more adventurous, this mode uses a kite surf traction which is attached to the body with a harness, this enables you to glide through the water on a surf board. Specialised instructors are available for those interested in learning or perfecting their style in this fun sport.

Kite Surf, also known as Kiteboarding or Flysurfing, includes several modalities such as wave riding, freestyle and jumping.

The area of the Manga is perfect for this sport, thanks to its gusts of winds and good weather (over 300 days of sunshine per year), the kitesurfer can enjoy the mediterranen waters or those of the Mar Menor, depending on the style you wish to practise.


8. Surf

Any time is a good time to have fun surfing the waves and feel the adrenaline rush through your body. Surf is one of the most traditional water sports and consists in balancing on a surf board as you ride the waves, weather permitting.

The Manga has several beaches that surfers find interesting to practise this sport with its various modalities.

Surfing can be practised on different types of equipment, including surfboards, short boards, longboards, boards have different widths and lengths, most modern surfboards are made fiberglass foam, making them lighter and easier to manage.

This sport is very popular in California, Australia and many other countries.


9. Water skiing

Everyone that practises this sport will find this Lagoon of no more tan 7 metres deep a perfect place for wáter skiing. A nautical sport that gets your adrenaline running thanks to the speed reached over wáter.

Those who do not yet have experience may choose to have an introductory course in any of the specialised schools available on the coast. On the contrary, experts can rent equipment and make the most of this adventurous sport.


10. Motor water sport

Enjoy the speed over the sea on a jetski. If you are a professional, the Mediterranean water awaits you. Otherwise, not to worry, there are schools where you can attend courses or excursions under the eye of a profesional who will show you all the secrets on the calm waters of the Mar Menor. Take advantage of the mobility of the jet to visit the numerous islands of the manga and enjoy its surroundings. The microclimate of this área allows you to practise this sport from May to December.




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