Water sports in Benidorm

1. Water ski

During most of the year it is possible to feel the adrenaline by practicing water ski in Benidorm. This well known cable ski, located at the end of the Levante Beach in the Rincon de Loix has a circuit of 1,000 meters in length, where adults and children can also learn other modalities of this sport that each day has more followers.
A water sport that will make your holidays a little bit different!


2. Scuba-diving

Discover the depths of the Mediterranean Sea by scuba diving in Benidorm. It´s beautiful sea bed, covered with meadows of posidonia, golden sands, discovers its caves where species such as moray eels and water sponges habitat.

Amongst its most popular routes:

-Ruta La Llosa: A sunken mountain with its peak at a depth of 7 meters is located very close to the island of Benidorm.

-Ruta Punta Garbí: Located on the south side of the island of Benidorm. This route allows the diver to enjoy a vertical drop along a rocky platform, of at least 4 meters descending to 20 meters.


3. Snorkel

Explore the hidden coves of Tio Ximo and almadrava at the foot of sierra helada, or the north face of the Benidorms Island where you can practise snorkelling, this type of sport has become very popular.


4. Sailing

Without doubt, the bay of Benidorm with its peaceful waters is the delight of navigation lovers. Here, the sailors hoist their sails and set sail to skirt the coastline, glimpsing Villajoyosa, San Juan, Albir, Sierra Helada or Altea, whilst enjoying the sun and discovering the secrets of nature. For boarding, disembarking and fuel supply, Benidorm has a small marina, as well as other nearby ports such as Altea and Campomanes. Benidorm has a great ally, It's good all year round climate. The summer with its tranquil waters being an ideal time to enjoy navigating.


5. Kayaking

A different way to navigate by kayak, a sport that can be practiced from 8 years up to 60 years of age and an ideal fun day out with your family or with a group of friends. The dimensions of this type of vessel allow you to contemplate the beautiful surroundings. From the Benidorm's Yacht Club it's possible to enroll in courses of kayaking, and for those familiar with this sport, rentals are available or excursions.


6. Windsurf

This sport that mixes surf and sailing, moving the windsurfer in the water using a surfboard and a sail, with the help of the prevailing thermal winds from Levante or the westerly winds from Poniente. A sport in which you can practice different modalities and even get to do flips and jumps, always depending on the experience of the windsurfer.


7. Paddle surf

Get started in this new way of surfing and have fun days out. This sport (in English is called Standing Up Paddle SUP) gliding over the sea on a surfboard using an oar. Suitable to practise with friends and family.


8. Rowing

This olympic sport is one of the most widely practiced on the Mediterranean coast and of course, in Benidorm's waters. The experts and lovers of rowing have at the Yacht Club everything that they need to enjoy rowing whilst on holiday. For those who wish to get started, the Club has professional training courses, or guided excursions that will arouse interest in this sport and uncovers the beauty of the Mediterranean coast.




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