Water sports in Benicasim

The town of Benicassim is characterized by its extensive coastline, which every year attracts thousands of tourists in search of good weather, white sand beaches and beautiful coves and cliffs. A paradise that allows you to practice, diverse and varied water sports in its transparent waters.


1. Scuba diving

Enjoy the depths of the Mediterranean Sea practicing scuba diving in Benicasim, get to know its waters, its flora and its fauna. Through guided tours with professionals or attending the course that best suits your profile, you can discover the marine depths offered by the municipality.

Among the most visited routes are:

-Columbretes islands: The national park of the Columbretes islands is also a marine reserve, four groups of volcanic islands (La Grossa, La Ferrera, La Foradada and Carallot) of great richness and biological diversity. You will be able to swim among red and golden corals, breams and lobsters.

-Scub Diving Barra Alta: It is a small volcanic and rocky cone, which rises on a platform of about 80-90 meters (tongue of volcano) about 4.5 miles of Columbretes. Protected Marine area with its spectacular richness and biodiversity.

- Shipwrecks in Burriana: A wonderful visit where you can enjoy the special magnetism of diving in sunken ships. At about 22 meters deep, near the port of Burriana you will find the "litri" and "Egos" freighters where you can enjoy an underwater tour accompanied by dentex, gilthead, castanets and conger.


2. Snorkel

You can enjoy snorkeling or free diving in the sea of Benicasim, with your fins, your tube and your mask, without previous knowledge and at any age.


3. Navigation

The wonderful climate and the calm waters of the beaches of Benicassim make it, an ideal place to practice sailing and navigation all year round.

Both the Sea School and the Sailing club of Benicassim teach initiation and improvement courses on basic navigation concepts of different nautical disciplines. (light sailing, catamaran, paddle surf, canoeing ...).


4. Kayaking

A new sport, recommended for any age, is navigation with kayaks. Where a variety of canoes, one, two or four crew are propelled by a double blade. Ideal sport to spend a fun day at sea, in a group or family, touring the beautiful landscapes of Benicasim.


5. Windsurf

Sports or recreational activity that consists of gliding over the sea with a surfboard that has a sail attached, the sail is driven by the action of the wind. A sport where you can practice at different levels and even get to do stunts and jumps at high speed, depending on the level and equipment of the windsurfer.


6. Paddle Surf

Learn this new form of surfing, it consists of paddling over a surfboard with the help of an oar and enjoy with the calm seas whilst standing, as well as surfing large waves. Also called Stand up or Paddle surfing, this is perfect for its ease of learning and accessibility for all types of people, as well as the wide variety of modes of use it is a very complete physical activity.


7. Jet ski

If your preference is speed and an engine, you can enjoy the warm waters of Benicasim on a jet ski. If you are an expert, Benicàssim awaits you, to visit its various beaches, if you are a beginner why not get a professional to show you all the secrets of this sport so that you can enjoy the sea.




1. Escola de la Mar Benicasim

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2. Sailing Club Benicasim

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3. Benicàssim nautical base

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4. Dxt náutico

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5. Benicasim Tourist Office

Tel: 964 300 102





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