Water sports in Alcocéber

1. Scuba diving

Discover the beauty of the depths of the Mediterranean Sea diving in Alcocéber. Through professionally guided tours or by attending a course adapted to your needs, you will discover crystal clear waters, flora and fauna.

Among its most popular routes:

-Columbretes Islands: Natural Park of volcanic origin situated 27 nautical miles of Alcocéber. Diving near grouper fish, moray, lobsters…

-Scuba Diving in Barra Alta: Close to the Columbretes Islands, there is volcanic opening. This underwater formation is composed of a wide variety of caves, arches and vertical formations decorated with colorful vegetation which will astound the diver by its beauty. The scenery holds no shortage of mojarra, dentex, chopa fish or barracudas among other species.

-Pecios de Burriana: Investigate, observe and enter into the remains of two merchant vessels sunken to a depth of 20 meters. A unique experience that transports you back to the Titanic.

-Snorkel excursion: Without doubt, a different plan and first contact with scuba diving for children as well as for the grown ups in the family.


Snorkel in Alcocéber

2. Sailing

The bay of Alcocéber, with its tranquil waters and the winds which are characteristic of the area, make it the ideal place for sailing. Navigators can practice different forms of sailing here.

The marina Las Fuentes offers facilities and services related to this sport, whilst the local sailing club offers visitors a varied programme of courses for both beginners and the experienced.


3. Kitesurf

Fans of kitesurf have a perfect place in Alcoceber to practice this type of surf and feel the adrenaline rush. This fashionable water sport is carried out on a board driven by a kite which allows reaching high speeds and for the experts to practice jumps and acrobatics.

This town on the Azahar Coast has miles and miles of coastline to practice kitesurf throughout the whole year thanks to its good weather and its warm waters.


4. Jet ski

Enjoy speeding over the sea controlling a jet ski. If you're an expert, the water awaits you. Otherwise, don't worry, a professional will show you all the secrets to race on the water.


5. Canoeing, rowing, rafting and kayac

For a fun family day out, canoeing is an ideal way to discover the beautiful coves near to Sierra de Irta, the cliffs or the lighthouse.

If you prefer rowing, the river Mijares has flowing waterways in which to practice this sport and there are even rafts where you can go rafting. Another option is to go kayaking and feel the thrills!

Remember that all of these sports must be carried out under the guidelines of a professional to ensure safety. Don't forget, Alcoceber awaits you in the sea!




1. Underwater Centre Barracuda

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2. Sailing Club Alcocéber

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4. Tourist Office Alcocéber

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