Running in Benicasim

Running refers to the activity of running, it is ideal to reduce stress and does not require great economic investment in material. Therefore, sports such as running are fashionable and Benicàssim has incredible routes to practice this healthy sport:


Routes in Benicàssim:

Route of the villas (2,5km-promenade)

Going along the seafront to the route of the villas is a pleasant 2.5km walk along the sea and in front of the beautiful architecture of the villas built by wealthy families at the end of the 19th century.

Route Heliópolis (3k-promenade)

Tour of the longest beach in Benicàssim, Heliópolis beach. Enjoy the views of the sea through two options, either by the seafront or by the bike path separated from the traffic that goes to the beach of Curva and the Grao de Castellón.

Route Bike path (5,3km-urban ride)

This is 5.3km on asphalt through the old Barcelona road, which passes through the urban area of Benicàssim and down to Torre de San Vicente beach and from there it reaches Heliópolis beach.

Route vía verde (5,6km-old railway pass)

This 5.6km road from the Port of Oropesa to Benicàsssim passes through the old railroad tracks and skirts the seashore, giving you unbeatable views.

Beach Route (6km-sand)

Stroll in the early morning on the 5 white sandy beaches of Benicasim, watching the sunrise as you walk the wooden walkways that are on the shore of the beach, it is a real pleasure.


Routes for the Mountains:

Prcv 397 Benicàssim-Agulles de Santa Àgueda (11,06 km)

Circular route that starts right next to the town hall of Benicàssim, in the Fuente del Señor were you find the direcctions that will take you to Agulles de Santa Águeda. Of moderate technical difficulty, the estimated time for the route is 1 hour, 41 minutes.

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Benicassim-Castello de la plana (by the peaks) (30,54 km)

Route that joins the towns of Benicàssim with the Capital of the Province Castellón, following the peaks of the mountain range parallel to the coast. It is a route with high technical difficulty and the estimated time of the route is 9 hours and 30 minutes. The route is long, with complicated stretches and without a source of water so that must be taken into account.

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Benicassim-Bartolo X Montornes and time trail (18,39 km)

The route starts from Benicàssim to Bartolo, the technical difficulty is high and the estimated time on the route is approximately 4 hours. Starting from Benicàssim to Bartolo passing through the Masía del Salandó, along the beautiful path that passes through the Castell de Montornés, it’s here that begins the ascent to the Bartolo, by the timed trail section, to descend towards the Font de Sant Josep and the Old Monastery until getting to Benicassim.

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Explore the Desert de les Palmes (26.79 km)

Leaving from Benicàssim, climb up La Comba, Plá de Muletes, Les Santes, Balaguera to Bartolo and down the track to Benicasim. The technical difficulty of this route is moderate and the estimated time is 3 hours and 17 minutes.

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Mediterráneo Trail Night con luna (17,02 km)

Night climb to the legendary Bartolo from Benicàssim. The technical difficulty is high and the estimated time for the route is 2 hours and 47 minutes. The difficulty of the route is due to the steep slopes and the decomposed rocks, all this increased by being a night tour.

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Circular Desert de les palmes (28,26 km)

Circular route from Benicasim to the most emblematic sites of the Desert de les Palmes: The Ermita de les Santes, the Bartolo peak and the Carmelite Monastery. A route of moderate technical difficulty, with an estimated time of 4 hours and 40 minutes, of wonderful views.

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Benicàssim-La Comba-Colomer-Ullás-Font Perelló-La Bonica-Barranc negre-Xuvellús-Moltó-Benicàssim (28,09 km)

From benicassim you will start the hard climb of the Comba towards the Bartolo, then continue the climb to the Castell de Miravet and take the Bonica track that will leave you in the Barranc negre to continue up to the Xuvellús and down the track to Benicassim. The difficulty is moderate and the estimated time for this route is 4 hours and 3 minutes.

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