Paddle in Mojácar

One of the more successful and popular sports today is the paddle, with numerous new clubs opening everyday where this sport can be practised. After its huge success in South America It was introduced into Spain, and has boomed in the last 20 years. Mojacar has an ideal climate with very little rainfall which makes it the perfect place to practise this sport.

It is played in pairs with paddle rackets blades on courts which are rectangular 10 metres wide by 20 metres long, most court walls are made of glass; the remaining court is enclosed by metal screens with a net that divides the court in half.
One of the reasons for the success of this sport is that it’s easy to get started in the rules are simple and you do not need to be in a great physical shape!, so this also makes it suitable for all ages.

Professionally, there are tournaments, leagues and paddle federations and the WPT (World Paddle Tour), which meets every year where the best national teams compete.


Paddle Club Marina Playa

The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa's full Paddle Club located a few metres from the sea, consisting of four courts. One of its main features is that the grass is of a different colour in each (brown, pink, blue and green). The club also has a separate entrance, free parking and playground for children.


Since opening in March 2012, the "Paddle Club Marina Playa" has become a major sporting attraction, attracting many customers. In December 2012, the establishment held its first regional tournament, an initiative that was well received and since then the number of competitions that have been held at their facilities has increased. In fact, in winter the hotel usually organizes local leagues and can anyone can participate. You can also arrange private tournaments.

Guest can combine their holidays practicing their favourite sport without leaving the hotel. Upon arrival, you can enquire at reception in either the Servigroup Marina Playa or Servigroup Marina Mar and to ask them to organise matches according to the level of the players or you request private or group classes.

Lessons of one hour can be arranged with our qualified teacher who has over twenty-six years experience in teaching paddle for both adults and children. All levels from beginners to competition level.

The hotel also organises combined stay packages that include tournaments which can be specially arranged for groups

At the reception of the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa you can rent all the necessary equipment to practice this sport.


More information

Director Club de Pádel Marina Playa

Tel: +34 616 275 431

Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa

Tel. (+34) 950 548 500 / (+34) 902 333 411

Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar

Tel. (+34) 950 548 550 / (+34) 902 333 412

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