Hiking in Mojácar

Apart from its rich culture, heritage and pristine beaches, Mojacar and its surroundings present endless options that let you enjoy, routes that pass through the picturesque landscape of Sierra Cabrera, which runs between the towns of Mojacar, Turre, or by the Natural Park Cabo de Gata, with volcanic cliffs and coves.


Route Sopalmo - Macenas

Circular route of great geological value where the mountains and the coast mere together. You can enjoy beautiful views without missing the geological resources we find on our way. During his route we will find natural and unspoiled beaches, streams and mountains, a pleasure for hikers.

Route: 10 km

Path: Path and forest trail

Route type: Hiking

Difficulty: Medium


Circular route Teresa - Teresa

One of the most beautiful corners of the Sierra de Cabrera, of great natural and historical value. Circular route that runs through the remains of an ancient Muslim village through which we can see how the Muslims lived who, their infrastructure, their fears, etc.

Course: 9 km (round trip)

Path: Path

Route Type: Hiking

Difficulty: Medium


Route Molinos – Río Aguas

This circular route invites you to walk around the watermills and learn more about the Islamic culture and the imprint left by its inhabitants after their search for water and its use. Furthermore visit Rio Aguas, a beautiful river canyon with vertical walls in Sorbas Coastal basin. As if it were an oasis in the desert, its environment presents a contrast between arid and desert areas, populated areas of vegetation.

Route: 10 km

Path: Path and forest trail

Route Type: Hiking

Difficulty: Medium


Water route (Sorbas)

Circular route where the starting point is located in the town of Marchalico, we cross to reach some plains that contain the Gypsum karst formations in Sorbas that are considered to be the most important in the world. A complex of caves, sinkholes, geodes and canyons carved by the Rio Aguas gypsum deposit is located south of the town of Sorbas, declared natural setting is 1989. It is one of the best preserved in the world by the low rainfall of Almeria, which has allowed the formation of karst process is slower and can be seen over a longer period of time.

Tour: 5 km

Path: Path

Route type: Hiking

Difficulty: Easy


Route Minería Bédar

The history of this Circular hiking route begins during the time of the Muslim conquest of Almería. Mining exploitacion began in 1525, with its maximum period of activity in 1888, in Christian hands. After several brackets of inactivity motivated by the world wars, it finally closed in 1970 leaving an important archaeological legacy.

Route: 10 km

Path: Path and forest trail

Route type: SHiking and cycling

Difficulty: Medium


Sopalmo route to Adelfas

This circular route allows you to enjoy nature, birds, and the most spectacular views. It begins in Mojacar in the direction to Carboneras , you will reach the Neighborhood of Sopalmo from where we take the road to the right until the Mayoral. We climb up the path until Cuerda de Coscojar , through the Mina de La Paloma and Cerro de la Mina. Later we come to the Rambla de La Adelfa and about 742 metres the route ends in the Cerro de la Oleander. The route to return is the same as the way there.

Course: 14 km (round trip)

Path: 3 h 50 min or 4 h

Route Type: Hiking and biking

Difficulty: Medium


Route Sopalmo – La Rambla de la Granatilla

The hiker starts the route from Mojacar to Carboneras, passing by the road leading to the Barriada of Sopalmo, a small village of Mojacar. Here is where the route on the itinerary starts, there is a sign that indicates this.

The descent starts on a concrete ramp for about 100 meters that facilitates the entry to the natural decline. From then, the path becomes unique where you can appreciate the beautiful colours of the fields. The path leads along the river side to the mouth of the sea. Once here, the hiker is already in the Rambla Granatilla, a wild landscape full of volcanic rocks that were loosened to come into contact with the sea (the return journey is the same route).

Lenght: 3 km

Duration: 90 min

Type of route: Trekking and bicycle

Dificulty Level: Low


Route ascent to Picacho

This route offers different panoramic views of Mojacar from the highest point of the Sierra Cabrera.

The ascent starts at the Fuensanta street, in the Huerta Alta. Along this road the hiker can appreciate on both sides of the road the carob, pines and almond trees, as well as rosemary, thyme and lavender. Later, the trail is divided into two and you should take the left side trail, where there are some peculiar ruins of an old farmhouse. Once on the crest, just before you reach the antennas of the Picacho and heading toward the left, you arrive at the radio antenna. From there, you can see the valley of the river waters.

Continuing along the path you finally reach the television repeater where you can contemplate the sea in the background.

To return, the walker has a choice of two options: return by the same route or opt for a steep slope. This is a shorter path but of greater difficulty and in the case of opting for this, you should take the road located to the left of the television repeater and start ascending to finally end the route in the town of Mojacar.

Lenght: 3,5 km

Duration: 60 - 90 min (round trip)

Type route: Trekking and bicycle

Dificulty level: Medium


Route La Mena - Macenas

This route was formed in the XIX century and was used by the miners, transporters and herdsmen to go back and forward from the iron mining of La Mena Macenas.

The tour starts at the end of Mojacar's promenade, just on the right hand side of the mouth of the Rambla Alfaix. Then you walk around the old Mojacar - Carboneras path, which runs along the ocean by the cliffs of the Sierra Cabrera. The itinerary passes by a narrow and rocky path with small increases and decreases, which allows you to contemplate the beautiful Costa de Almeria.

Continuing is the outcrop known as Piedra de Nazareno. Here, you can watch the old loading bays, feed hoppers and orifices that serve as a refuge for bats and birds. Also, you will be surprised by the Castle of Macenas, a military building built in the XVIII century, to protect the coastal area.

In front of the Castle, you climb up to reach a few observatories, from where you start seeing the beauty of the sea. The last visit is to the Torre del Perulico or the Peñon, building that formed part of the defense system of the mediterranean coast. Finally, the return route is the same.

Lenght: 10 km

Duration: 2 h 30 min

Type of route: Trekking and bicycle

Dificulty level: Medium


Route Sopalmo - Adelfa

The hiker begins the route from Mojacar to Carboneras in order to reach the neighbourhood of Sopalmo. Here taking the road on the right to reach a spot called The Mayoral. It goes up this trail to be found with Cuerda de Coscojar. At an altitude of 600 meters, it goes by the La Paloma mine, a perfect place to stop for a rest before arriving at Cerro de la Mina and of course, in order to take photos of the spectacular views. Later, the hiker arrives at the Rambla de La Adelfa and 742 meters more, you have reached your destination, Cerro de la Adelfa.

The return journey is the same route, enjoying the nature, the birds, the Mediterranean sun and the views.

Recorrido: 14 km (round trip)

Duración: 3 h 50 min - 4 h

Tipo de ruta: Trekking and bicycle

Dificultad: Medium


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